Highlight Hair Extensions: Everything You Need To Know

Imagine you are preparing your look for a special occasion. The outfit and the makeup are just right, but you still feel you lack something to look best from head to toe. Isn’t it your hair? Is your hair color not bold enough to speak volumes about your personality, or does it lack length and volume? If you find yourself in the same situation, don’t worry. Highlight hair extensions will help you say goodbye to those short, thin, single-tone locks and switch up your look instantly. If you have no idea about these stunning hair extensions, keep reading to unlock them with Macsarahair!


1. What are highlighted hair extensions?

Highlighted hair extensions are hair extensions dyed in a way that mimics the look of real highlighted hair. Highlighted hair features hair strands in light shades blended with the rest of hair in a darker base color, such as blonde highlighted extensions mixed with brown hair extensions. They add depth, dimension and a sun-kissed effect to hair, creating a stunning look that is trendy all year round.

What are highlighted hair extensions?

Hair extensions with highlights come in a variety of color mixes, allowing people to choose what suits their natural hair and personal tastes. What is special about highlighted hair extensions is that they give people the chance to experiment with chic highlights without the need for bleaching and dying their real hair. After all, chemical treatment does more harm than good, right? If you are looking for a temporary hair transformation, highlight hair extensions are also the best choice. You can easily rock a new hair color without making a permanent commitment.

2. How to use hair extensions as highlights

We’ve talked about highlighted hair extensions, but they are designed to match real hair that is already highlighted. What if you have single-tone hair and want to try out on highlights without dying your own locks? There is no problem with it, as hair extensions offer you the convenience of adding highlights to your hair effortlessly. Below are the how-tos:

2.1. Choose your hair extensions

First things first, you need to pick a hair extension color for creating highlights. The basic rule is that the color of your hair extensions must be lighter than your base color. If you want a subtle change, go for a shade that is 2 – 3 tones lighter than your current hair color. Feel free to go lighter if you are looking for a dramatic change!

Choose your hair extensions

Depending on your intention, you should also consider choosing the suitable type of hair extensions. For a temporary change, opt for clip in highlights and for a more permanent look, tape-in hair extensions will work well.

2.2. Section your hair

Start by horizontally dividing your hair into two even parts. Use the end of a rat-tail comb to create a clean line at the widest part of your head. Clip away the top section of hair with sectioning clips.

2.3. Brush your hair

Using a wide-tooth comb or a soft bristle brush, gently brush your hair to remove any tangles or knots. Brush your hair extensions thoroughly, too.

2.4. Apply your hair extensions

If you use clip-in hair extensions, one trick is to tease at the roots so you’ll create a solid base for your clips to stay secure. Take a 4-clip weft, open all the clips and clip the weft along the parting line, making sure it is centered.

If you use tape-in hair extensions, take a thin section of hair and sandwich it between two pieces of tape-in hair extensions. Press it firmly for a secure bond. Keep applying tape-in extensions along the parting line.

Whatever hair extensions you choose, remember to place the extensions at least 0.5cm away from the scalp to make space for natural hair movement.

Apply your hair extensions to the back of your head

2.5. Add hair extensions to the sides of your head

After finishing applying hair extensions on the back of your head, don’t forget to add hair extensions to the sides for face-framing pieces, too. This will help you get a natural-looking result.

The sides of your head are small areas, which is the reason why tape-in hair extensions and one-clip or two-clip highlight clip in hair extensions will come in handy.

Add hair extensions to the sides of your head

2.6. Blend your highlights

Now that you’ve added highlights to your hair, it’s time to blend them to get your desired look. Brush through your hair and spritz a heat protectant on it. You’d better curl your hair using a curling iron or wand if you want flawless highlights hair extensions.

Blend your highlight hair extensions

Macsarahair – where you can buy high-quality highlight hair extensions

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality yet affordable hair extensions highlights, Macsarahair – one of the biggest Vietnamese hair extensions suppliers, is where you can place your trust. With more than 15 years of experience in the hair industry, we have been the go-to choice for thousands of wholesalers and hair salons around the world.

At Macsarahair, highlights extensions come in 3 types, including Balayage, Ombre, and Piano hair extensions. Each category has a variety of shade mixes, making up a huge collection of highlight hair extensions. Therefore, our customers can easily find the perfect match.

Macsarahair’s highlight extension color chart

What makes us stand out is that we offer customized highlight hair extensions for wholesale hair vendors, which means you can order highlighted hair extensions in whatever color you want. This is because we have one of the biggest Vietnam hair factories, making us able to produce a large quantity of hair extensions and offer factory direct prices.

Macsarahair’s wholesale highlight hair extensions

Our highlight hair extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, so they are as soft, smooth and shiny as natural hair. With proper care, they can last up to 1 year. For more details and best deals, don’t hesitate to contact us at (+84) 37 9989 559. See you in other posts!

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