How A Poor Diet Can Lead To Scary Hair Loss? Causes And Remedies!

Having a beautiful and slender body is a desire of many women. Therefore, there are a lot of ladies towards dieting efforts to lose weight for achieving the craved body. However, not everyone uses healthy and scientific weight loss methods. I have met a friend, after 1-2 months of maximum fasting to lose weight, the body feels lighter clearly.

However, before she could celebrate because of losing weight, she had to suffer the stomach aches due to not eating properly, her skin was pale and lack of vitality. Not only that, but her hair is also tragically fallen. If this condition persists, the hair will super be thin and will expose the scalp, that’s why she’s having a headache trying to solve the problem. From shampoos to natural essential oils, every time she hears an effective hair growth method, she tried it. But 3-4 months have passed, she still can’t understand why her hair keeps falling out.

Believing that not only my friend but many women who have lost weight by fasting or cutting fat and protein in the diet also have the same situation. With hair loss condition when losing weight in particular and when the diet is unbalanced in general, how does science explain it?

Fasting causes a lack of hair nourishment 

hair loss
hair loss

God gave birth to women, giving them three perfect body measurements and a crown called “hair”. From time to time, women always do everything to keep in shape. From reducing eating and drinking fat, starch to emptying the stomach for days, there seem to be nothing women do not dare to do to preserve the beautiful body that God has bestowed.

Fasting is not the right way to lose weight

Keeping in shape is a good thing, however, many women lose weight and keep in shape improperly, so they lose the “hair” crown on their heads. For example, in my friend’s case, excessive abstinence, lack of science will lead to a lack of body nutrients, which makes her exhausted and look unwell. Not only health and skin are affected, but the hair can also die off due to lack of nutrients.

In fact, hair follicles need many nutrients from protein oil, Vitamin E, C, Omega-3 and some specialized nutrients to nourish long black hair. Many women completely abstain from fat, causing hair to fall out because the fat contains the high content of Omega-3 and Vitamin E. Not only fat, protein also plays an important role in the production of hair fibers, lack of protein will lead to dry and brittle hair. Dr. Manoj Khanna, an expert in cosmetic and hair transplant surgery at Enhance Aesthetic & Cosmetic Hospital (India), said: “There are many weight loss diets that provide very little protein and cause a lot of hair loss.”

With women losing weight, hair often falls like “autumn leaves” after about two months of fasting food. In particular, in women over the age of 30, hair loss due to age, combined with an unbalanced nutritional status due to improper weight loss should make the problem worse and make it difficult to regrow hair, despite you have started eating and drinking normally. The science behind this phenomenon is due to weakened hair germ cells.

Hair germ cells – “particles” that need care when growing hair 

Hair germ cells are the seeds that form the hair strands. Through differentiation, the hair germ cells move from the bulge to the dermis, where it differentiates into its components such as the marrow, inner and outer hairs. Lack of nutrition causes hair germ cells to weaken, become unhealthy, thereby weakening hair, making it difficult to grow, and fall out easily. Over time, the hair follicles will shrink and the hair will not grow anymore. In this stage, even with nutritional supplements, it is difficult to save the hair, because once the stem cell is weakened, the hair is very difficult to recover as at the beginning. This process lasts long meaning hair thinning, baldness will be indispensable to take place.

Weak hair germ cells cause hair loss

Therefore, to have a good physique without affecting the hair, women should note two important things:

Scientific weight loss 

Women need to understand that losing weight by fasting is not only exhausting, hair loss, but also after the period of fasting, the body tends to absorb more food that will lead to the “yoyo” effect, causing the body to gain more weight than originally. If you want to lose weight, you need to choose the method of scientific weight loss so as not to affect health as well as damaged hair.

In order to lose weight scientifically, you need to control your daily intake of food in many ways but still ensure to provide the necessary nutrients including 4 nutritional groups (protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and minerals substance) to nourish the body and hair. Consult with nutrition experts when performing weight loss to ensure maintaining the beauty and health of skin and hair.

A diet full of protein, vitamins A, C, etc. and a little fat-containing Omega-3, vitamin E will be beneficial for hair growth, contributing to nourishing long hair smoother. Micronutrients such as Omega-3 and the above vitamins do not adversely affect your weight loss. The healthy fats found in fish and vegetables, fruits are rich in vitamins & minerals. Strengthening these types has helped to reduce weight without nutrition deficiency.

Caring for hair germ cells 

Hair germ cells are cells that are easily weakened by the effects of food, alcohol, stress, environmental pollution, physical effects (hair pulling), thermal effects (hair curling), effects activated by chemicals (curling agents, straighteners, hair colors, etc.) These cells are also easy to weaken over time due to age, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Therefore, in addition to scientific weight loss, to have beautiful thick hair and reduce hair loss, you need to pay attention to promote hair germ cell growth. Science has proved that this is a new “savior” solution for your hair, helping you reduce hair loss and keep fresh appearance on your hair.

Hope this post is helpful for you to have both a beautiful healthy body and dreamy hair. Visit our website more to get up-to-date with the newest news about hairstyles, hair care, especially hair extensions.

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