How Do Use Hair Treatments Properly?

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When referring to hair treatments, it is similar to every girl because it is a term that is searched many times on the Internet. So do you have the right treatment for your weak hair? Follow the MACSARA web to get more useful steps to improve your hair now.

Stage 1: Preventing damage to hair

People who often dye their hair or exposed to heat frequently are more likely to get damaged, dry. To restore hair, you must first stop using these beauty treatments.

All chemicals used for dyeing, curling, straightening, and hair bleaching not only damage your hair but also affect your health. Therefore, the first thing to do in the process of restoring damaged hair is to stop applying heat tools to the hair.

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Do not wash your hair too much

A lot of shampooing will wash away the natural oils that protect the hair, making it more damaged. So, you should only wash your hair 2-3 times/week. Avoid washing your hair with hot or cold water and don’t forget to rinse it after every shampoo.

Use a suitable kind of shampoo

You should choose a shampoo to restore damaged hair, especially specialized products, used at the salon, avoiding buying low-quality products on the market. Express-restoring products helped to get the instant silky hair that is very dangerous because they only cover a layer of silicon on the outside of your hair. You will feel silky hair but that’s just the way those products deceive, the actual inside is still so damaged. If used for a long time, it will make the condition even worse when the hair is covered with silicon, and cannot receive additional nutrients from hair care products.

Limit to use a hairdryer

After washing your hair, wipe gently with a soft cloth, then air dry without a hairdryer. If you want to dry hair fast, you can use a fan. Even the lowest temperature of the dryer will cause additional damage to your hair.

Limit hair combing

Too much brushing or combing with a small plastic comb is very harmful to hair. Therefore, you need to avoid combing your hair a lot, limiting brushing when it’s wet and choosing a wide-tooth comb to minimize hair loss as much as possible.

Stage 2: Restoring damaged hair

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Hair incubation

Every 2 weeks is a good time for your hair to incubate. This is a hair restoration method that you cannot ignore when your hair has been damaged. You can buy restorative products to use at home for money savings. However, you need to pay attention to buying the right type of professional hair restoration brands such as Alfaparf Milano, Lakme, Alonzo, Marrocanoil… Or if you have time, you can go to hair salons to use rehabilitation services. The restoration at the hair salon will be 30-50% more effective due to the availability of professional equipment and techniques for steaming/annealing.

Apply a hair mask

The nutrients in the hair mask will penetrate into each hair, helping the hair to recover quickly. Here are the tips to choose a unique mask for each hairstyle:

  • For dull hair: use honey or egg white
  • With curly hair: bananas or butter.
  • With dry hair: fresh milk or yogurt.


After washing your hair, hair is dry, you should apply a little serum (serum) on the hair to protect the hair from external influences. You can buy them at cosmetic stores or use alternative oils, such as argan oil, jojoba oil, etc.

Massage your head

Massaging helps blood flow better, your hair will grow faster and healthier. Not only that, but this way also helps relieve stress well. You should massage the head daily and combine the use of essential oils such as tea tree oil, lavender, cedarwood… to be more effective.

Stage 3: Protect hair

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A reasonable diet will help hair be healthy from the inside, recover damaged hair faster.

  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Eat more foods that contain protein, healthy fats, iron, and vitamins.
  • Avoid smoking.

Hair protection

Always wear a hat or umbrella when going out. Factors like sun, rain, snow, fog or smog are also harmful to hair.

When swimming, you should also use a swimming cap to avoid letting the hair down because chlorine chemicals in the pool also cause damage to the hair.

Trimming hair

You should also create a habit of regular hair trimming to trim the ends of damaged hair. Your hair will look fresher and your other healthy hair will not be affected.

We wish you have strong and healthy hair after applying these hair treatments. Good luck!