How Do You Think About Nicki Minaj No Makeup?

Many of us will say that Nicki Minaj looks much better without any makeup on her face. Well, we won’t say that she is prettier without makeup that covered her face. But well at least she looks younger and fresher with a bare face rather than exaggerating Barbie make up as her trademark. Nicki Minaj proved herself still beautiful even without makeup wrapping. In a photo on the Internet, this artist famous for the Barbie striking appearance actually looks much more youthful and sensual with a plain face. They then say that the singer that makes a controversy with her hits Anaconda looks much better without striking make up that seems to exaggerate and weird. 

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 It’s hard to imagine Nicki Minaj without makeup since for her first-time appearance, she is relay identically with striking and glamor look. Nicki Minaj is an American rapper and singer-songwriter who was born on December 8, 1982 n Saint James, Trinidad, and Tobago and raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York. She rises to stardom Pink Friday (2010), peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200. She always appeared with striking makeup and dresses. Having dark skin, she always using make up that contrasted with this condition. They may say that the singer looks weird and a bit ugly with that striking makeup but her plain bare face makes people shocked. She looks younger and fresher without any makeup and touched up. Her face looks smooth and youthful with smaller eyes that make us said she looks much better in this condition. 

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 See more: Carrie Underwood no makeup It is believed that dimple accentuates the beauty of any one’s face and here Nicki is showing her dimple which makes her look more like a child and it increases her cuteness level. With the long black hair, she brings a natural look that is a great Nicki Minaj no makeup moment. 

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 Nicki’s bright face surely says how awesome-looking this woman is. She is one of the very few women out there, who can look like this without the assistance of any kind of beauty product. She is aware of her gifted beauty and this is why she flaunts it quite often to impress her followers. If you are a black lover, you can also possess gorgeous black hair like Nicki with weave hair extension from MACSARA. Coming to our store, you not only find the favorite hair but also refer to other various hair textures from 100% Vietnam remy hair.

 Another old photo of Nicki without any effort. Her hair is braided combining to a high ponytail that creates an energetic style. With every picture, she is proving that she doesn’t need to make up to look beautiful.

 This is yet another without makeup picture of this infamous woman, which reveals the true facial beauty. It is taken when she was bathing, her wet hair and her no-makeup face with that dimple look worth a million dollars. She looks so simple and has an innocent touch to her face. She can say to be one of the most naturally beautiful female rappers to step foot in the music industry ever. Besides her talent, her natural allure impresses people pretty easily and one thing is for sure, that people do like seeing her on the stage and do enjoy her performances. They like her alluring face combined with her hip hop (rap) culture music. Most of that allure is dependent on her natural beauty, which was not provided to her by some kind of makeup artist. She was born with that beauty and with age that beauty just reached towards perfection. 

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 Nicki Minaj is the best when it comes to no makeup. The air is playing with her hair which enhances her beauty and her pouty lips. She still had a black color for her hair but the texture is quite messy that thickens her hair completely. In this post, we have shown some of Nicki Minaj no makeup photos. If you are eager to see how Nicki looks, when she sports no makeup, then this article is probably one of the best things for you. Besides, in case you find another picture of Nicki without makeup, we are welcome to receive these from you.