How Long Do Tape-In Hair Extensions Last?

Switching up your short hair to a longer, more floating and voluminous style is a good way to refresh yourself and make your life more interesting with tape-in hair extensions. However, not everyone can have the patience to wait for the hair to grow long to get a fabulous longer look, waiting makes everything less pleasant. Many women have found out a great alternative that can immediately give you the marvelous long locks – Hair extensions!

In which, Tape-ins have been one of the most popular products preferred by professional extensions users. There’s one question usually coming across sisters’ minds before getting extensions, which is “how long do they last?” This is kind of an always-asked question when it comes to hair extensions, and obviously, tape-ins are not an exception. This article will answer this question for you.

How long do tape-ins hair extensions last?

In general, the tape-in hair extensions will last approximately 6-8 weeks to 9-10 weeks. However, this time is very fluctuated and there’s not a certain answer about how long Tape-ins last because it really depends on a lot of factors, both external and internal elements, as well as the quality of the tape-ins you’re buying.

Factors affecting the lifespan of tape-in hair extensions 

There are three main factors that influence the lifespan of your tape-ins, including:

  • Your daily hair care routine
  • Your personal hair growth
  • Your tape-in extensions’ quality

[1] Your daily hair care routine 

This can greatly affect the lasting time of your tape-ins. This kind of hair extensions is meant to be reused for up to three or four times, but the majority of the time they will stay on your head. This means that if you don’t properly care for your natural hair, where the tape-ins are attached, then they will not last long either.

[2] Your natural hair growth

Using tape-in hair extensions is quite simple. You attach them to your strands using medical-grade adhesive and let them sit on your head a few weeks until your hair grows long and make the bonds start to get out visible. When that time comes, you have to re-locate the tapes by moving them up, and the process will be repeated.

The problem appears here, the action of removing and replacing the taped several times will damage your tape-ins. This means that the faster your hair grows, the more frequently you will have to move them up, and the more damage they will sustain over time. Therefore, if your hair grows longer faster, it probably means your tape-in extensions won’t last as long either. At least, compared to those whose hair doesn’t grow that fast.

[3] The quality of your tape-in hair extensions

Anything that’s good quality most likely tends to outlive the poorly-made thing. If you buy cheaply made or non-Remy hair extensions, then you shouldn’t expect them to last as long as human hair extensions.

Tips for wearing seamless tape-in hair extensions 

Here are some tips for you to keep your tape-ins last as long as possible:

  • Keep your hair extensions clean

The tape bonds can slip when you have added oil or product buildup in the roots. It’s also not recommended to wash hair every day, so the best solution here is to use dry shampoo in order to remove oil and product buildup in between washes. Also, remember to not use products with high silicone or sulfates because this may affect the bonds.

  • Keep your hair untangled by brushing it every day.

Be sure to brush properly by using a wide-toothed comb and gently brush the hair from tips to roots to avoid damaging your real hair, as well as the extensions attached to your real hair.

Do not comb the hair extensions while they are still wet without holding at the roots as this may cause the tape to slip out.

  • Reapply your tape extensions

Your tape-ins will need to be reapplied every 6-12 weeks due to natural hair growth. The amount of times depends on how fast your own hair grows. The faster your hair grows, the more frequent you will have to relocate your tapes to hide it as well as to have a better hold.

  • Never sleep while your hair extensions are still wet!

Make sure your hair is already dry before going to sleep, and it’s will be better if you pull the hair up or preferably put it into a braid so that your hair will not get tangled at night.

  • Use high-quality hair care products but don’t overdo it!

You should be careful with the amount of hair care products you use because too much use of these will increase the buildup and may cause the tape to slip out. Never use such products as containing oil, ethanol or alcohol as they can directly damage your hair extensions, as well as break down the adhesive. Instead, use sulfate-free shampoo or 100% natural hair products, as well as conditioner to keep your hair extensions in good condition. Note: Never use any conditioner or hair oil on the bonds between your real strands and the extensions because such products can lead the tape to slip down.

  • Limit re-dyeing hair extensions

Although human hair extensions are designed for you to be able to re-dye it as your wants. However, bleaching and lightening on any type of hair extension, not just for tape-ins, will ruin the quality of them and make them dry and brittle.

  • Don’t let your extensions expose to the water in the swimming pool

The chlorine water in the swimming pool can damage your extensions, so make sure to wash your hair right after swimming.

  • Limit using hot tools to style your extensions

Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into “How long do Tape-in hair extensions last?” issue. If you’re thinking of using tape-ins to refresh your look, there’s a small notice that you should know. This type of hair extensions is not best for people who have lost a significant amount of hair because of illnesses or for those women that have extremely thin hair. Hence, you should consult with your hairdresser to have the optimal choice of hair extensions.

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