How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

Have you had a desire to owing the long glossy hairstyle? If you used to be considered of having hair extensions, don’t hesitate, MACSARA is always willing to consult you anytime.

Why is Remy hair 100% more expensive than synthetic hair?

So, are you worried about hair extension’s cost? Is it expensive? What kind of hair extensions is more expensive? Remy hair 100% or the synthetic hair? Today, we will let you know some useful information.

Because the Remy hair 100% totally proceeds from women, they needed to take many hours to nurture it in a careful way. Furthermore, when hair extensions companies contribute the Remy hair 100% from women, they have to take care of it so thoroughly in many ways. Because it is Remy hair, so companies have to preserve as well as nurturing it.

Keeping natural cuticles is a secret of high-quality hair extensions. Suffering from a severe nurturing process, the Remy hair still keeps its property. When you apply it on your scalp, it can match with your hair’s color in a perfect way. The Remy hair 100% is so worth buying.

The origin of hair extensions

The origin of the hair will decide hair extension’s cost:

  • Nowadays, not many women nurture long hairstyles and remain that hairstyle for a long time. Because of their work as well as caring for the housework, they usually have a tendency to style short hair. To catch on the trendy, women frequently change into their hairstyles, include middle-aged people and young people.
  • Hair extensions could be made of synthetic hair or Remy hair 100%. Hair extensions made from synthetic hair that don’t have precise origin would make some damages to your real hair.

  • In the countryside or the suburb, numerous women still have a habit of nurturing long hair until it affects their daily routine, they probably cut it off. It is hard for them to decide to cut their hair when it is so straight and long. Anyway, they style their hair because of other different reasons. The amount of Remy hair 100% which is bought onto markets every day is so enormous. MACSARA is one of the most prestigious companies which supply Remy hair extensions 10% to clients from over the world. By the renovate technology, MACSARA preserves and give it a preliminary treatment to bring customers the most high-quality products.

We can make sure that: Remy hair is definitely more expensive than synthetic hair, but it’s so reasonable because of its quality as well as its origin. In case, you are still worried about hair extension’s cost, you can refer to some cost charts of several companies. The cost of each company can be unequal, but not much. Reducing the shipping cost is also one of these ways to decrease the product’s cost.

How about the cost?

If you are into hair extensions you first need to decide between synthetic fibers or human hair. So, how different is between Remy hair and synthetic hair? Synthetic fiber is cheaper but styling is limited as you really cannot apply heat to it or products. Human hair is costly but it looks much more real.

As for prices, synthetic hair is anywhere between $5- $10 per pack for any color and size.
Hair is anywhere between $9.99 – $200 per pack depending on quality, color, and length. Of course, the cost can be changed base on the shipping fee or other fees.

I hope you had useful information from MACSARA the company. To get more information about the hair extension’s cost, please contact MACSARA on our official website: MACSARA.com.