How To Apply Bulk Hair?

As you know, human hair extensions are always the priority choice of females. For a little time, you can renew your appearance completely with thick, natural, smooth and soft hair. Changing hairstyles continuously without damaging your scalp and causing hair loss is one of the outstanding strengths of human hair extensions. Nowadays, there are many popular types of extensions, which are designed to meet the different demands of customers as well as to be applied in certain hair types. Among them, bulk hair extensions may be a perfect choice for girls and women who want to have an impeccable look with ease. Below is something you should know about bulk hair as well as how to apply bulk hair.

What is bulk hair?

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Bulk hair refers to hair bundles that are tied with elastic bands at the top of the hair. We can say that bulk refers to a bundle of hair with no weft.   Bulk hair is considered to be the easiest hair extension to use. This type of hair extension is barely processed too much, so it retains almost all the features of natural hair. One more reason why people love this product is that its price is quite affordable.

Bulk hair is also often purchased wholesale because people can use it in different ways such as making weft hair, wigs, clip in hair, tape-in hair, I tip hair, U tip hair, V tip hair; braiding; and knotting techniques.

How to take care of bulk hair?

Firstly, hair extensions should be kept in dry and cool places and kept away from high temperatures. Because they can make the hair easily get damages. You can put them away in a glass room or hang them up and make sure that they will not be attacked by dirt or external causes. Besides, you shouldn’t expose your bulk hair to sunlight in a long time because the sunlight can make the hair dry and breakable.

Secondly, remember to wash bulk hair extensions to keep them in the cleanest figure. Washing and hanging also need skillfulness to avoid making unexpected bad effects.

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Thirdly, you should remember that combing too much can cause more hair loss. If you place the bulk hair in a proper environment, you don’t need to comb it.

How much do bulk hair extensions cost?

Bulk hair extension is the most traditional and basic hair type so that their cost is also the cheapest. The price is based on their quality and length, weight as well as textures. The price variation is not too big between different length sizes and textures. You can completely order at least 100 grams if your demand is not too much.

And high-quality products and a good price maybe all the things you need, right? In MACSARA, the price of hair extensions is absolutely reasonable. It is not too expensive or too cheap according to customers’ reviews. Thus, don’t ignore the above useful information!

How to apply bulk hair?

The first, bulk hair is often used to make machine weft hair to be used for more purposes. As we know, hair producers use a specialized machine to spread the hair bundle evenly and use the sewing machine to make a hair weft. Hair weft refers to the hairstyle in which the hair is sewn all together in one long line by hands or machines. Afterward, a weave hair is sewn onto braided hair and styled to any desired style.

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The second, another common way to use bulk hair to crochet braids directly into the user’s head. A set of hair tool including hair needle, hair thread is necessary now. You have to remember that after braiding real hair in cornrow, dividing the hair bundle to smaller and thinner strands, the hairstylists start crocheting hair bulk into the cornrow with the needle to make the knots from human hair extension strand to hold the hair extension into the users’ cornrow. It’s no surprise that it takes from thirty minutes to 1 hour to crochet a full head depending on the hairstylists’ skillfulness.

- How To Apply Bulk Hair?

The third, instead of crocheting directly into the human head, many producers use bulk hair to make full wig hair extensions. It is undeniable that with similar techniques, each small and thin strands could be knotted in a full-head-knit cap. There’s no doubt that the smaller and the more hair strands are knotted down, the more naturally wig is. Then, we can wear a wig to have a new look just some minutes. Wearing a wig is quite easy, take a look at the picture below:

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Finally, nowadays, some beauty junkies prefer to use heat and keratin glue to apply bulk hair. Instead of using I tipV tip or U tip which is available on the market, they want to customize the thickness and length of hair strands on their own. With bulk hair, they let each strand be flat and put behind another real hair strand, apply keratin glue and roll the bond to stick firmly. One important notice is that you should stick the hair extension far from 1 to 1,5 cm than the scalp to provide comfortability to the users. There’s no denying the fact that the users will don’t feel comfortable when they can’t move their real hair roots naturally, so avoid sticking too close to scalp.

All the above are some tips teaching us how to apply bulk hair, hope you like it. Now, what you should do is to find where to buy bulk hair extensions!

Where to buy bulk hair extensions?

Bulk hair extensions are the simple products that suppliers in almost countries can cater to. Therefore you can have a lot of different choices to buy them. China and India can be considered the two largest countries which are well known for importing and exporting bulk hair. Besides, suppliers in Vietnam, Brazil, and Russian are also not bad. You can find bulk hair extensions with high quality and impressive quantity from these prestigious partners.

You can find them via the Internet, Facebook or any other global network. Technologies nowadays are very modern for you to contact your favorite partners regardless of being wholesalers or retailers. Don’t mind finding suggestions from hair salons or some shops near your accommodation. They can sell these hair bulks or help you to find a suitable wholesaler for your demands of hair.

However, you sometimes buy a bad quality hair extension which is early damaged or synthetic hair that can’t be styled with heat. Therefore, good bulk hair will make you satisfied! And MACSARA is one of the most reliable addresses for you to buy bulk hair.

Why should you choose bulk hair from MACSARA?

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