How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions? Tutorials And Notes!

Tape-in hair extensions are always one of the most popular beauty enhancements available nowadays. Your thin and short hair days are finally finished and the unexpectedly mistakes when styling hair, which results in terrible hairstyles, is now straightforwardly fixed. That’s the amazing usages of hair extensions in general and tape-ins in particular. Tape-ins extensions aren’t permanent and considered relatively simpler to put in compared to other types of extensions such as Tips or Wefts. They do not require special heat tools so you can install them yourself at home without any help from the professional hairdresser.
It will be quite difficult to do, of course, but if you want to save money or you just basically want to experience it yourself, here are the detailed tutorials on how to apply tape-ins perfectly as well as some noticeable things for you when applying and using tape-ins hair extensions. Make sure to follow all our special tricks for seamless, comfortable, and long-lasting tape hair extensions.

How to apply tape in hair extensions?

How To Apply Tape In Hair Extensions?

  • Wash your hair first. Hair extensions will stay on your strands for a long time and will last longer if you apply them to clean hair.
  • Section off the top hair. About an inch from the nape of your neck, use your fingers or a rat tail comb to make a horizontal part. For more convenient and easier when installing, make sure to get all the hair above the part line secured using a hair tie or hair clips. You will attach the tape-ins on the remaining hair below so that the upper hair will hide the tapes.
  • The idea to apply tape-ins is to sandwich a thin piece of your hair between the top and bottom tapes. The strand of hair needs to be very thin so that the adhesive tape on two extensions can stick together through the hair. Use the rat tail comb to take a thin strand of hair, which is about 1/8 inch thick with the length of one extension. If you find it’s too difficult to estimate the thickness of the hair strand, then use your fingers to feel it. If your fingers can feel one another through the hair then that’s fine.
  • Now start installing your tape-in extensions. Lift up the hair strand a little bit, remove the strip covering the adhesive of the extension and apply to the underside of the hairpiece, with the adhesive facing upward.
  • Take another tape piece, remove the strip and put it symmetry perfectly on top of the first, and press them together firmly with your fingers or a plier for a second to secure them.
  • Repeat this process creating rows throughout the hair with the gaps of 1cm between each tape on the same rows, and each row should be about 1-inch distance with the other.
  • You should not apply the tape-ins too close to the root because this can restrict the movement of hair, make it not comfortable to wear.
  • When installing pieces to the sides, do not place them too far forward in the hair so that they are undetectable.
  • Once all the tapes are applied, cut and style them to the hairstyle you want.

5 things to notice when applying and using tape-in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions have numerous advantages and maybe your life-altering. However, an install turned out badly can be your worst nightmare and far more terrible than an awful hairstyle. Here are 5 things you should notice when applying as well as using tap-ins extension.

[1] There is nothing more humiliating than being outside running your fingers through your hair and then one of your pieces come dropping out! The adhesive on your tapes will work best when they are free of dirt and impurities, so make sure to clear up your hair to expel every bit of oil from it so that the tape can be set and attached well. One of the very main reasons behind tape-ins slipping is because the hair was not cleansed carefully before get extensions put on.

[2] You should choose the right place to put hair on. The arrangement of tape-ins is another note. Avoiding attaching the tapes excessively near the scalp as it will restrict the tape tab to move, therefore causing excessive tension between the hair follicles and your scalp. This can lead to extreme scalp irritation and exceptionally agonize. The proper distance between the tape taps and your scalp is approximately a quarter of an inch (or 1cm).

[3] Pay attention to do the right technique when applying. Although tape-ins can be installed at home, it’s still the best if you ask for a professional hairdresser’s help. It will be very difficult for you not only to apply hair on the back of your head but also to estimate a proper amount of hair used to attach the tape wefts on. Putting excessively hair or too little hair can both lead to unexpected consequences.

[4] Not enough hair or too much hair. Beside not carefully cleanse up all the hair oils before installation, another reason why your tape-ins flip out easily is that you’re applying too much hair in the middle of the “sandwich hairs”. Leaving excessively hair in between the two tape taps will prevent them from sticking to each other. On the other hand, you also must not put too little hair in between the two tape wefts. Although this won’t lead to the extensions to flip out, attaching two pieces of tapes on a too-small hair strand can be harmful to your actual tresses, causing hair loss or breakage, etc.

[5] Use high-quality tape-in hair extensions. You should use hair from reputable brands and better use human tape-in hair extensions rather than the synthetic ones. High-quality human tape-in hair extensions, which are made of high-quality adhesive and real human hair, will not only minimize the harmful effects that are unwanted and safe for your health but also bring you the most natural appearance.

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