How To Apply Tape-In Hair Extensions: An Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Tape-in hair extensions are a popular choice among those looking to add length, volume, and color to their hair in an effortless and non-committed way. For the best results, it’s recommended to have your tape-ins applied by a hairstylist. However, as no special installation tool is required, you can still do it yourself if a salon appointment seems impossible for you. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to apply tape-in hair extensions so you can safely install your tape-ins. Keep scrolling down to discover!

1. Gather the necessary items

Before diving into the tape in hair extensions diy steps, make sure you have all the following items at hand.

1.1. Tape-in hair extensions

How to apply tape-in hair extensions

High-quality tape-in hair extensions from Macsara

Of course, you’ll need a package of tape-in hair extensions, but choosing the right one really matters if you want to get a natural-looking result. Always opt for tape-in hair extensions made from 100% Remy human hair, which are as soft, smooth, and shiny as your own hair. Synthetic or non-Remy human hair extensions are more affordable but cannot offer that natural look and feel.

1.2. A rat tail comb

Designed specifically for hairstyling purposes, a rat tail comb features fine teeth on one end and a slender, pointed tail on the other. It will come in handy for making precise parts and dividing your hair into manageable sections.

1.3. Sectioning clips

These clips are essential tools as they help hold the sections in place, making it easier to process along the way.

2. How to apply tape-in hair extensions

2.1. Wash and dry your hair

Make sure that your tape-in hair extensions are applied on clean and dry hair, as this allows the tapes to stick better and provide a secure hold. Therefore, this simple step should never be skipped for the best result.

2.2. Make a horizontal part

How to apply tape-in hair extensions

Make a horizontal part across your scalp

Begin by using a comb to make a part across your scalp, starting approximately one inch away from the nape of your neck. This part will serve as the placement line for your extensions, ensuring that the top section of your natural hair effectively hides the tapes.

For a flawless blend, remember to avoid placing the extensions too close to your hairline. Doing so could result in insufficient hair in the front to cover the extensions.

2.3. Secure the top hair

Now use sectioning clips to hold the upper section of your hair in place. This step is essential to prevent any unwanted hair from falling down and affecting a smooth installation process.

2.4. Take a thin strand from the non-clipped hair

How to apply tape-in hair extensions

Take a thin strand from the non-clipped hair

With your hair properly sectioned, we’ve reached the midpoint of our tape in hair extension installation guide. Moving forward, you’ll need to carefully take a thin strand of hair from the unclipped section. The ideal thickness should be around 0.32cm or 1/8 inch, ensuring a secure attachment between the two tape-in extensions. To test the thickness, run your fingers through the strand and see if you can feel them through the hair. If yes, you’re free to go!

2.5. Attach the bottom tape extension

How to apply tape-in hair extensions

Attach the bottom tape extension

Now it’s time to literally attach the tape-in extensions! Lift the chosen hair strand with care and uncover the adhesive on the tape-in extension by removing the protective strip. Place the bottom extension beneath the lifted hair and firmly press it down to ensure a secure hold.

2.6. Secure the top tape extension

How to apply tape-in hair extensions

Secure the top tape extension

To complete the tape-in hair extension application, you will need to attach another tape-in piece onto the same strand. Once more, remove the adhesive tape covering the extension and firmly press it on top of the strand. During this step, make sure that the top and bottom extensions adhere together. If they do not, it indicates that the strand of natural hair you took is not thin enough. Carefully brush away some hairs and try again.

Now that you have learned how to put in tape in hair extensions, simply repeat the process by working your way up until all of your extensions are applied. Being gentle and careful during the process will ensure success!

3. Tips on taking care of tape-in hair extensions after installation

After installing tape-in hair extensions, you should keep some important haircare tips in mind to ensure their longevity.

3.1. Wash and condition your hair properly

First thing first, wait at least 48 hours after installation before washing your hair as your tape-in extensions need enough time to settle the bond. When washing, avoid rubbing the roots to prevent causing tangles and potential slippage. Additionally, never apply conditioner near the roots, as this can cause the bond to loosen over time.

3.2. Brush your hair properly

How to apply tape-in hair extensions

Brush your hair properly

Brushing your hair is essential to keep your hair extensions free of tangle. However, you need to brush your hair with care by using one hand to support the roots and gently brushing from the bottom. This will ensure you’re not pulling the tapes away.

Also, note that you should never brush your hair when it’s wet to avoid causing hair damage.

3.3. Sleep with extensions

To protect your tape-in hair extensions during sleep, gently brush them before bedtime and loosely tie them in a braid or ponytail using a soft scrunchie. Opt for a silk or satin pillowcase to minimize friction and therefore help your hair stay tangle-free when you wake up.

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In conclusion, this easy step-by-step guide on how to apply tape-in hair extensions provides you with the necessary instructions to effortlessly apply tape-in hair extensions. By following these simple techniques, you can achieve a seamless blend and enjoy the transformative benefits of tape-in extensions. Stay tuned for more hair tips and tricks in future posts from Macsarahair!