How To Care For Clip In Hair Extensions?

Having hair extensions is always a fun and easy option to diverse your look without damaging your real locks. However, owning one means that you will have to pay attention to take care of it unless you want your hair to be damaged quickly, and the hundreds of dollars you have to spend on a satisfactory hair extension become useless. That’s why taking care of your hair extensions is always one of the most important aspects of having hair extensions in the first place.

There’s must be a reason that clip-ins are one of the most popular among different types of hair extensions. They are low maintenance and don’t imply a lot of commitment, however, like everything has its price, you have to take care of it so that it can treat you right! That’s why, with the spirit of helping and sharing, we are here willing to help you know how to best care for your clip-in hair extensions. So let’s take a glance and see what you should do to help your extensions to last longer than a few weeks and not look like a wet puppy’s fur!

Taking care of your clip-in hair extensions is a full process that will test your basic skills, you will need to follow some steps but don’t worry, they’re simple and the results will worth it!

How to care for your clip-in hair extensions?

[1] Brush but don’t rush

If you wear your clip-ins regularly, brushing your extensions before and after using is a must. You don’t have to do it daily if you don’t wear them because that would be just wired. While brushing, you must be patient and gentle, start detangling from the bottom and gradually move up to brush the upper areas until you reach the top. This is a primary principle when combing hair, whether it’s your real hair or it’s just hair extensions, to avoid breaking the hair strands. Remember to not pull hard as that can cause major breakage and you will end up with a set of hair extensions that looks less than desirable.

[2] Should not overdo anything, including washing your clip-in hair extensions

Hair extensions, including clip-ins, don’t receive moisture from the scalp as your own hair does. And although washing hair helps rinse out all the dirt and build-up from the strands, it, however, also deprives the hair of its moisture, so try to avoid over washing because that will make your extensions dry and brittle. Sometimes less is more, too much washing will damage your hair unnecessarily, thereby once every 4-6 weeks would be the appropriate time to do it. The washing frequency also depends on your clip-ins’ quality or how many styling products you used.

Or if you are a clean freak who cannot stand the thought of a one-week unwashed hair extension, try a dry shampoo in between washes then. It will put you at ease without damaging your clip-ins.

[3] Smartly using conditioner!

Smartly using conditioner
Smartly using conditioner

This step is one of the most important when taking care of hair extensions because the conditioner will supplement moisture as well as all necessary nourishing ingredients for hair, thereby making it healthy and shiny. However, again, you should not overdo anything, and using conditioner is not an exception. Applying a whole too much of nourishing products can bring the opposite effect, as they will make your clip-ins look like a lifeless creature, limp and dull, not to mention the original texture of the hair might also be affected.

[4] Let your clip-ins air dry

We cannot deny the convenience of a dryer, in this case, however, you must make a sacrifice. Hair extensions and excessive heat are really not good friends of each other, so you should try not to mix them. Of course, not using hot water to wash your extension is a must, besides that, don’t even think about washing it if you don’t have time to let them air dry. After washing, just run your fingers through the hair to remove all tangles before placing them horizontally on a towel and leaving them dry out naturally. If you’re in a rush and really don’t have time to let the poor extensions air dry, then at least set your blow dryer at a minimum heat level and try not to let the sensitive areas exposed to the heat.

[5] Don’t hesitate to do a little trim if necessary

Your real hair often has split ends at the tips section when it grows to a certain length because that’s where hair receives the least amount of nourishment. And for hair extensions, which are not nourished directly from the scalp, it will also eventually get split ends after a long time of using, no matter how carefully you take care of your hair. No need to worry too much as a little trim is all you need. Keep in mind that you only must cut a little at the ends so that you won’t accidentally destroy your clip-ins’ original style, or it would be better to let a professional do it for you when that time comes.

[6] Limit using heat styling tool on your extensions

As it is said above, hair extensions and excessive heat should never go together and the hot temperature from such styling tools as curling irons or straighteners, etc. will always damage the hair to some extent. Fortunately, there are a lot of heat protectors on the market today and you should use such products to minimize the harmful effects of heat styling tools on your extensions.

[7] Swimming caps are a must

The salt and chlorine water in the swimming pool is considered one of the biggest enemies of hair extensions. Clip-ins have the huge advantage of being easy to take off so it would be best if you take them out before jumping into the pool, or at least wear a swimming cap to protect your hair extensions against the harmful effects of the pool water.

[8] Store them with care

After using, don’t just rip your clip-ins out from your head and throw them wherever. To properly accommodate your hair extensions, carefully put them in a big-enough box and make sure they laid down nicely, detangled, and not in a pile.

What are the best clip-in hair extensions?

The best care effect is when you use the best product. That’s the reason you should use human clip-in hair extensions rather than synthetic ones. Human hair extensions not only bring you the most natural look but also allow you to restyle or re-dye it in any way you want.

MACSARA is proud to be the leading company in the field of producing and exporting human hair extensions to big markets such as America, Russia, etc. Our products, which are made of 100% Vietnamese hair of Vietnamese women, will offer you the best versatile and the maximum longevity of the hair. We are carrying out a gratitude promotion program as well as welcoming the coming autumn-winter season for the short items, closure, frontal, as well as Clip-in hair extension products line. Consult our 6-inch clip in hair and visit our product list for more preferences!

So here you have 8 useful tips to help you take care of your clip-in hair extensions. If you have any other tips, don’t hesitate to spread the wisdom in the comments section.