The beauty of a woman is in the spirit but the right hair is an important secret for the ladies to show off their “no corner” beauty. Do you know which hairstyle is best for you? If not, How to choose the best hairstyle! You are worried about the hairstyle and your face, forget it and read the following information.

1. Oval face


The oval face is the V-line face – the standard of modern beauty and the desire of all girls. The oval face is characterized by a balanced face, delicate, soft facial features that suit many hairstyles, so girls can freely choose their favorite hairstyles. You also need to choose a hairstyle that suits your face so you can “promote” your beauty.

Girls own oval faces that have a wide forehead. Their cheekbones are quite high with a small and thin chin. Therefore, they need to choose hairstyles how to increase accents for the eyes and “show off” the whole slender chin.

  • Choose a hairstyle that is longer than your shoulder and a curl of your tail.

–         Long curling hair, bob hair, or strong personality curling bob hairstyles are also the best choices.

–         Avoid thick horizontal bangs, as they will darken her face.

Here are some hot trend hairstyles that you should take a view.

macsara choppy long bob large - HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST HAIRSTYLE FOR GIRLS?

Choppy Long Bob: The mid-length cut is a good choice for oval girls having thin hair

macsara sleek long bob large - HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST HAIRSTYLE FOR GIRLS?

Sleek Long Bob: This hairstyle shows the classic and feminine beauty of oval face girl

2. Round face

macsara round face large - HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST HAIRSTYLE FOR GIRLS?

If you own a round face, the best way for you to have “constant beauty” every day is to choose the right hairstyle for the face. To “conceal” the short jaw weakness, short nose, and arch of the forehead.

  • Long hair and bangs should be left out.
  • Hair curling waves with slanted waves so that the face is longer and slimmer.
  • If you are interested in short hair, round girls can still choose a number of hairstyles like shoulder-length hair with light curly hair around their faces. Absolutely avoid the short hair through the chin, tomboy hair, or thick horizontal bangs.

Side Swept Face Framing Chin Length Bob, Shaggy Short Cut with Bangs, or Long Razor Cut Layers are suitable haircuts for round face.

3. Long face


macsara long layers large - HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST HAIRSTYLE FOR GIRLS?

Long Layers With Straight Bangs On Forehead 

macsara puffed hair large - HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST HAIRSTYLE FOR GIRLS?

The Puffed Hairstyle With Curls

With the characteristic of the pointed chin, this long shape has a big disadvantage that makes the old look before the age. Choose the right hairstyle for the long face is not difficult if you know the following tips.-  Haircuts with shoulder-length, hair curled with letter C in the top of the face, which helps the face to be rounder.- In addition, the “perfect” bangs will be the awesome long-term savior.- When choosing long hairstyles, avoid long straight hair without bangs so as not to break the facial structure and make her face look longer.

4. Square face

macsara square face large - HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST HAIRSTYLE FOR GIRLS?

The angled faces including the rectangular face or square face. The downside of this face shape is the perpendicular jaw bone, the wide forehead area making the overall face of the “owner” look coarse and older. In order to be beautiful and feminine with this face, you only have to choose the hairstyle that suits your face. Use soft waves and round off the transitions between textures to achieve the illusion of an oval face. The choice of haircuts for square faces is quite wide.

  • Short hairstyles, tops or bob hairstyles will be the types of hair that suit the angular aspect that you definitely cannot ignore.
  • The part of the bangs that are slanted and covered in front will help “hide” the angular lines on the face easily.
  • Square face should avoid choosing long straight hair because it is easy to show the edges of the face. When your hair is strong and smooth, creating hairstyles will be easier and more beautiful.

You should choose shampoo and conditioner products to nourish and restore hair. The hair will be recreated the broken structure, nourished from deep inside when subjected to heat, chemical effects, returning natural smoothness. Conditioner also helps hair retain essential moisture, overcome the dryness. Hair will become smoother, especially hair that has just undergone styling.

With the recommendations about the right hairstyle for the upper face, do you know if the “born” hairstyle is for me? Don’t just sit there troubling your face, you should change your face shine beautifully with these hairstyles hints. There are a lot of good solutions to help you get the perfect hairstyle for your face. We also have a variety of hair extensions that also improve your beautiful hair. Spend a little time to visit our MACSARA website that offers high-quality hairstyles with the best prices.