How To Find Wholesale Hair Vendors?

The human hair extensions industry has been expanding rapidly over the years, and you’ve noticed lucrative opportunities and decided to start your own hair business. Congratulations! You’ve made quite a wise decision, but will it be easy to get started? Well, though you’ll have a long way to go, the first essential step to ensure long-term success is to find good wholesale hair vendors. If you find this challenging, fret no more as we are here to help you with a comprehensive guide on how to find a good wholesale hair vendor! Get ready to unlock the doors to quality products and fruitful partnerships!

How To Find Wholesale Hair Vendors?
How To Find Wholesale Hair Vendors?

1. Why Do You Need A Good Hair Vendor?

Once you have the idea of starting your own hair business, there are tons of things to consider but finding a hair vendor may stand out as the most important one. Do you know why this is the case? Below are the top reasons why a good wholesale hair vendor really matters and even makes all the difference!

  • Product quality: The quality of your products should be the top priority, and it is directly related to your hair supplier’s reputation. Reliable hair vendors ensure that the hair extensions and wigs you supply are consistent in texture, color and durability, helping you earn your customers’ trust and satisfaction.
  • Product diversity: A good hair supplier will offer a wide variety of options that allow you to cater to different customer needs and stay ahead of industry trends.
  • Fast and constant supply: This is another important aspect of how reliable a hair vendor is. As a hair business owner, you will never want your supplies to run out of stock, which will cause disruption to your business.

Therefore, by partnering with a reputable hair supplier, you not only improve the quality of your products, but also build a strong foundation for the growth and success of your business.

A good hair vendor offers high-quality products, product diversity and a steady supply
A good hair vendor offers high-quality products, product diversity and a steady supply

2. 6 Steps To Successfully Find A Suitable Hair Vendor

Now that we are fully aware of the importance of a reliable hair vendor, how can you find that one? Here we go with a detailed 6-step guide!

Do Your Research And Make A Shortlist

You may begin by casting a wide net, but it will be more helpful if you can determine and include certain criteria into your searching process. The search engine that comes first to your mind may be Google, right? Type one of the following keywords into the search bar + location: hair vendors; wholesale hair vendors; hair suppliers; raw hair vendors; hair extension suppliers; hair extension vendors; wig vendors, + in Vietnam/ Brazil/ USA… Before the main keywords, you can also insert a word that implies the origin of the hair extensions you are looking for, such as Vietnamese/ Brazilian/ Cambodian…

Do your research and make a shortlist
Do your research and make a shortlist

Another good way to do your own research is using social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Twitter. There are a number of Facebook groups where hair vendors gather to market their businesses, or you can search by hashtags, such as #hairvendors, #hairsuppliers…

Finally, E-commerce platforms are where you can find potential wholesale hair vendors. Among those, Amazon and Alibaba are the most popular platforms. You can compile a shortlist of potential hair suppliers by looking at the number of items sold and reviews from verified customers.

Learn About Selected Wholesale Hair Vendors

With your shortlist in hand, digging deeper into each vendor’s profile is a must. Begin by verifying the authenticity of the hair vendor by examining their website. Look for essential information such as their company’s history, mission, and contact details. Genuine hair vendors typically provide transparent and detailed information about their background and the products they offer. To make it easier for a final decision, you should also pay attention to the range of products, product descriptions, and the clarity of pricing.

Learn about selected wholesale hair vendors
Learn about selected wholesale hair vendors

Additionally, exploring their social media profiles to evaluate their online presence is also a smart step. A strong social media presence indicates their commitment to engaging with customers and showcasing their products effectively. Client testimonial videos, in particular, can offer valuable insights into the vendor’s reputation, so don’t skip watching videos where customers share their experiences with the vendor’s products and services.

You can also engage with the hair vendor through their provided communication channels, such as a WhatsApp hotline. Reach out with any questions or inquiries you may have. If they respond enthusiastically and clearly, it’s a good sign!

Last but not least, the most effective way to verify a hair vendor is to request a video call to virtually tour their office and factory. This step provides a firsthand look at their manufacturing processes, product quality control, and overall infrastructure. It also demonstrates the vendor’s transparency and willingness to establish trust.

Review the Company’s Terms and Conditions

Once you’ve completed the previous step, you are very close to your potential hair vendor choice. The shortlist has been further narrowed down, but there are some more steps before you can get there!

With each option left, thoroughly review their terms and conditions before committing to any vendor. Look for essential information such as minimum order quantities, shipping policies, return procedures, and any guarantees or warranties they provide. This careful examination ensures that you’re fully aware of the vendor’s policies and decide if they are the suitable choice for you.

Review the company's terms and conditions
Review the company’s terms and conditions

Ask For Samples

Now you are coming to a determining step: asking for hair samples from the hair vendors. This step is not only to verify the trustworthiness of the supplier one last time, but also (more importantly) to measure the quality of the products firsthand. Contact the shortlisted vendors and ask for sample products that are representative of their range. Examine the texture, color, and overall quality to ensure they meet your standards.

Choose The Suitable Payment Methods

If you are satisfied with the quality of the products from your chosen wholesale hair vendors, you’re good to go! In case there are still several suppliers left in your shortlist, one important factor to take into account is the payment method. Evaluate the payment options provided by each vendor by considering factors such as security, transaction fees, and convenience. Then select a hair supplier that can offer payment methods that suit your preferences and provide a secure and hassle-free financial transaction process.

Choose the suitable payment methods
Choose the suitable payment methods

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Start Thinking About Your Business Plan

As you finalize your decision on a hair vendor, start laying the groundwork for your business plan. Consider aspects like your target market, marketing strategies, pricing models, and sales channels. This preliminary business plan will guide your partnership with the vendor, ensuring that you have a cohesive strategy in place as you bring their products into your business.

3. Macsara Hair – One Of The Best Vietnamese Wholesale Hair Vendors

If you are looking for a reliable wholesale hair vendor, Macsara Hair is proud to be your top choice. Established in 2008, we have gained a reputation as one of the best Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors that has delivered tonnes of high-quality hair extensions all over the world. There are various reasons why you should place your trust in Macsara for the success of your hair business!

One of the main reasons why we have been a reliable partner of wholesalers and hair salons worldwide is our high production capacity. With a factory of 50.000m2 and 1000+ skillful workers, we can produce up to 10 tonnes per month, ensuring a steady supply for businesses. Moreover, we offer factory direct prices and frequent sale programmes for wholesalers, which will help you save your budget.

Macsara Hair’s factory
Macsara Hair’s factory

Our hair extensions are made from 100% high-quality Remy human hair, so they are as soft, smooth, and shiny as natural hair. They come in various types, textures, colors, and lengths to suit different customer needs. But that’s not all! We take product diversity to the next level by offering OEM, ODM services, which means you can freely customize your order and packaging.

Worrying about checking our legitimacy? Macsara offers you various methods to check, from free samples, color rings and texture rings to video calls, and even in-person meetings with you at our office and factory. What’s more, our customer staff is always available to support you 24/7! So if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us right now via our hotline (+84) 37 9989 559 for 24/7.

Macsara Hair’s texture ring sample
Macsara Hair’s texture ring sample

And we cannot forget to mention an exclusive benefit that Macsara offers you: our hair business support program. We understand that when starting up a hair business, you may have difficulty marketing it. Don’t worry as we have our professional team to support you in building your brand identity, including: building websites; building a social media presence, unlocking sales strategies, and mastering E-commerce platforms.


The right hair vendor isn’t just a supplier – they’re a key collaborator in your journey towards a flourishing hair business. So, invest the time, be diligent, and choose wisely. Your path to wholesale hair success starts with informed decisions, and we hope our post is helpful for you!

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