How To “Green Bare Hills” For Men Over 30

Signs of premature menopause are a cause for many men to experience hair loss and baldness. Adjusting living habits and protecting hair germ cells are considered by experts to help men reduce hair loss and regrow hair.

How To Green Bare Hills For Men Over 30 large - How To “Green Bare Hills” For Men Over 30The period of early menopause causes “bare hills” in men in their 30s

The main hormonal depletion in men is the cause of menopause, common in men. Menopause is increasingly rejuvenating in men due to stress, smoking, staying up late, drinking alcohol, eating foods containing preservatives, polluted environments, frequent chemical exposure, etc. or taking blood pressure, stomach ulcers, steroid drugs, etc.

When entering the age of 30, the major hormone in men from 10-35 nanomolar/liter begins to decline from 0.8 to 1.3% after each year. By the age of 40, when the significant decline in about 30%, men will appear symptoms that reduce background health and the ability to have sex such as decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, decreased sperm quality and quantity, decreased muscle mass, increased fat mass, headache, insomnia, irritability, fatigue, dry skin, frequent stress, etc. especially, hair will fall more than the previous period.

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The premature menopause rejuvenates leading to an increase in the number of men with hair loss and “bald hills” at the age of 30-40. Explaining for this phenomenon, scientists discovered that the original cause is due to endocrine neurological disorders. The male hormone is deficient, the body produces DHT instead. When the amount of DHT produced is too much on the scalp, it will lead to a consequence that is weakening hair germ cells. This is also a major cause of hair loss and baldness in men over the age of 30.

Thanks to the advancement of molecular biotechnology, recently, US scientists have discovered an important “destination” in the chain of links causing “bald hills” in men over 30 years old. It’s the hair germ cell. When this cell is weakened, the hair will be of poor quality, it will fall out faster as well as grow slower than normal. If this condition persists, it will cause hair thinning, baldness common in men.

Promotes Hair Growth Cells helps to green bare hills for men large - How To “Green Bare Hills” For Men Over 30

Promotes Hair Growth Cells helps to “green bare hills” for men

How to treat baldness in men over 30

Normally, the age of “menopause” in men is in the period of 50-60 years old but because this period now tends to come early, so when the gentlemen enter the age of 30, the symptoms of hair loss may appear soon. Signs of alopecia due to menopause or pathological are that there would be more than 100 strands fallen out a day, appearing more in front of the forehead, with the common pattern being U or M.

U and M hair loss large - How To “Green Bare Hills” For Men Over 30

U and M hair loss

As analyzed above, hormonal imbalance is the trigger for hair loss in men in their near middle-aged. However, hair germ cells are the main reason why men lose their hair “innocently”. Therefore, in order to prevent hair loss effectively, firstly, it is necessary to promote healthy hair germ cells, and at the same time protect them from harmful agents. Hair germ cells are like the “seed” of a tree trunk. New healthy seeds germinate into healthy, shiny hair bodies as well as effectively “green bare hills”.

Besides taking care of hair germ cells, men should also limit tobacco, alcohol and greasy foods, as well as having sexual activities moderately and combining rest and work reasonably. Having balanced diets with vitamins and minerals (iron, copper, zinc, silicon, lipid, vitamin B), as well as eat fruits and vegetables to keep your hair shiny.

Exercise and sports help premenopausal men get rid of stress, depression, fatigue, etc. thereby supporting to reduce hair loss. Experts at the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Health Service (NHS) recommend that a healthy adult need to have 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of intense exercise each week, and do it at least 3-4 times a week. Exercising beyond the above the amount of time does not actually add health benefits, but sometimes it can cause side effects.

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Hopefully, this post has help gentlemen know the way to prevent and treat baldness effectively, from which you can maintain confidence and masculinity anywhere and anytime.

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