How To Look Gorgeous With Straight Hair In Your Wedding?

If you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous hairstyle for your wedding, you will plenty of inspiration for wavy, curly-haired ladies but when it comes to sleek straight styles, not so much. Traditionally, Brides often prefer to curl her hair for her Big Day. Because curled hair is seen as glamour, luxurious and marks a special occasion.

But, at times going low-key is the key! Even our celebrity brides often take the minimal route and achieve those shiny, poker hair on big days, so why not you? There are lots of fab ways to wear straight wedding hair and glam it up for the occasion. If your strands are smooth and fine, why don’t you embrace the natural beauty of your hair and wear it perfectly straight instead of fighting with hairsprays, 100s of bobby pins and harsh heat styling? Hurry up to check them all out. Follow our post and enjoy your time.

Straight Wedding Hairstyles

  1. Straight + down+ hair accessories

Straight Hair In Wedding

First, you can choose to let your hair freely falling. This hairstyle has never come up with your mind when thinking about a wedding hair look, has not it? You may think it so simple and casual but believe us wearing your hair straight down on your wedding is absolutely stunning. The ultimate style for a bohemian, rustic or any outdoor wedding, letting your hair down at more elegant and classic venues may be equally sophisticated.

In modern times, natural beauty is highly appreciated and it alone will make the bride shine. So all a bride needs to do is to adorn herself with her help of accessories. They are a gorgeous way to glam up straight hair. Vintage loving brides might like the idea of a birdcage veil or diamante hairpiece or if you’re looking to channel a lovely bohemia vibe, think about the fresh floral crown or floral accessories. A Grecian vine or glitzy hairband is another easy way to dress up your look and add a little extra glamour with a dress, veil, and bouquet, of course, you will look totally bridal no matter what goes on with your hair.

Add hair extensions for thickness and volume is visible when you walk down the aisle. This brings with an effortless elegance that requires little maintenance to look stunning.

  1. Straight + bun

bun hair wedding

If you are interested in a simple, beautiful wedding-day beauty look, then you’re in luck. Because reality shows that you don’t need an intricate updo to look amazing. Sometimes, simple and less are gorgeous and more. Simple doesn’t mean basic, boring, or safe. And this dedicated straight bun hairstyle is a perfect example.A polished bun is equally glamorous and elegant, screams sophistication and is the epitome of the understated lure. This will give you a classic wedding day look in just a matter of a few minutes.

  1. Straight + Waterfall Braid

If you want to create more visual interest and texture in your hair, a beautiful waterfall braid will give you the effect of texture and shape. This beautiful braid is the quintessential hairstyle for your special day, date night or for your ultimate wedding look which certainly brings an entirely different aura and adds a charm to your look.

  1. Straight + Half up half down Hairdo

A half up – half down hairdo gives you the best of both worlds and leaves your face open and bright for photos, whilst you are still having the pleasure of romantic long hair. The up part can be created with braids, boeuf, twists, bun or several braids – style, which means there are many looks you can explore.

  1. Sleek Ponytail

A sleek ponytail is perfect if your dreams of chic and elegance for your bridal look. The ponytail means you can easily add hair extensions if you want extra volume or length. Wear it sleek or tousled with statement earrings, or adorn with a beautiful hairpiece with eye-catching flowers and you are 100% aisle ready. If you want extra volume, try teasing your hair into a bouffant.

How to take care of your straight hair before the wedding day?

Any bride wants to have the most perfect appearance on the wedding day. This requires a great commitment to dressing, boutique, makeup, and hair as well. You have the sleekest situation of your hair but that doesn’t mean that your mane could be ignored. Straight hair can be damaged or lose sheen when you even recognize it, due to pollution and unhealthy lifestyle. To get gorgeous straight hair on your special day, follow some below tips:

  • Use a mild shampoo. Proper shampooing is one of the most important factors to keep healthy, happy straight hair. Wash hair with a mild shampoo that has no harmful chemicals, that will not damage hair even on everyday use and that has a naturally beneficial effect on our hair.
  • Beware of tangles. A good conditioner will also help keep your straight hair healthy and will make it easier to untangle after shampooing. Keep a wide-toothed comb in the shower and comb through your hair before you rinse the conditioner out.
  • Trim Split Ends. Straight hair is very prone to split ends. Getting a haircut every four to six weeks is best!

We agree with the fact that open straight hair is something not everyone encourages for marriage functions, but not with this list of hairstyles in your hand. No one can speak out that a straight wedding hairstyle can’t also be chic—or look absolutely incredible. Additionally, simple wedding hairstyles are often easier to maintain throughout the day. So, be confident and carry it as no one can deny that your hairstyles for open straight hair make for the perfect choice on your wedding day. It is only about understanding what you want and pairing it up with what looks well on you. Trust us that with this above suggestion and there will nothing go wrong.

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