How To Make A Synthetic Wig Look Real? Tips And Tricks

Compared to a human hair wig, a synthetic wig is a much more budget-friendly option. However, its biggest drawback is the fake look that wearers often struggle to conceal. But no need to worry, as we’re here with some practical tips and tricks on how to make a synthetic wig look real. Keep reading to discover how you can say goodbye to a “wiggy” look!

How to take care of your synthetic wig?

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1. Why does a synthetic wig look fake?

The unwanted fake look that a synthetic wig brings about can be due to several factors:

  • Low-quality fibers: Cheap synthetic wigs are often made of plastic fibers that have a plastic-like sheen, a lack of movement and flow, and an overly uniform texture. In other words, it looks and feels nothing like natural hair! However, advanced technology has made some types of synthetic wigs look more realistic. These wigs are made from Toyokalon, Modacrylic, and Kanekalon fiber.
  • Unconvincing hairline and part: If a wig has perfect-looking a hairline and part, which are straight and even, it will inevitably look unrealistic. Just look at your own hairline and part, you’ll see the difference!
  • Unnatural density: As natural hair has areas of different thicknesses, synthetic wigs with a uniformly high density throughout can look fake.
  • Improper installation: If you don’t have your wig fitted properly, for example, if it sits too high on your forehead, it can’t look real!
  • Unmatched color: If the color of your synthetic wig is uneven or overly vibrant, it can look really fake, especially when you see it in sunlight.
Why does a synthetic wig look fake?
Why does a synthetic wig look fake?

2. How to make a synthetic wig look real?

Having understood the important reasons why a synthetic wig looks fake, now we can dive into the solutions!

2.1. Choose the right wig

Everything begins from the moment you choose your wig. It’s best to opt for high-quality synthetic wigs as the higher-quality the fibers are, the more natural they will look. Besides, pay attention to the texture and color. If these two closely mimic your own hair, they would be a good choice.

2.2. Get rid of the wig shine

It’s the plastic-like sheen that can make others immediately detect you’re wearing a synthetic hair wig. Therefore, taking measures to remove the unnatural shine from your wig is essential. The good news is there are several ways to do this as below, so just choose what is convenient for you:

  • Use a dry shampoo: Simply spray the dry shampoo evenly over your wig and gently comb through it. Note that a dry shampoo can temporarily discolor your wig due to a coat of white powdery hue, it’s useful to choose the right product. For example, if your hair is brown, you’d better choose a dry shampoo designed for black hair.
  • Use baby powder: A good alternative to dry shampoo is baby powder. Dab an appropriate amount of baby powder around your wig and shake it off to remove excess powder. Then, gently comb through your wig to evenly distribute the powder throughout the hair.
  • Use fabric softener: Add a pump of fabric softener into a jug of warm water and stir it well. Dip your wig into the mixture and let it rest for about 20 minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly under running water, gently squeeze out excess water, and let your wig dry.
How to get rid of the wig shine
How to get rid of the wig shine

2.3. Thin out the hairline and part

Besides the color, the hairline and the part are the telltale signs of a synthetic wig. The hair in these areas is often unnecessarily dense, making the wig look unnatural. Therefore, use a pair of tweezers to pluck out some hairs from the front hairline and the part until you create a natural-looking transition between the hair and your scalp.

How to thin out a synthetic wig
How to thin out a synthetic wig

2.4. Don’t make it look perfect

When it comes to a wig, it will look unnatural if you try to keep everything as neat as possible. Can you see that natural hair strands are easy to move freely? Therefore, don’t make your already stiff synthetic hair stay in shape all the time. Simply finger-pick and fluff up the wig with your hands, you can make a big difference to your look!

2.5. Style synthetic wig properly

When learning how to make a synthetic wig look real, you shouldn’t underestimate the role of styling your wig. Prepping and installing a wig properly is not enough. Make sure you don’t style your wig using high heat if it is not heat resistant, or else it will easily become frizzy, tangled and damaged.

Creating layers, especially some face-framing pieces or bangs can do the trick as this helps conceal the hairline effortlessly. If you are wondering how to make a synthetic wig with bangs look real, the steps are still the same as we’ve shared above, except for this step!

Also, experiment with various hairstyles and try incorporating hair accessories, such as headbands or hair clips to elevate your look!

2.6. Take good care of your wig

You may be wondering why we mention synthetic wig care here, right? This is simply because how your wig looks over time depends a large part on how well you take care of it. Therefore, to maintain the appearance and quality of your wig, follow our guide below:

  • Wash your wig every 10 – 15 wears using cold water and a shampoo specifically designed for wigs. Don’t rub your wig during the process to avoid making it tangled. This is a quick guide on how to clean a synthetic wig.
  • Use a synthetic hair comb and avoid combing the wig when it’s wet.
  • When your wig is not in use, store it on a wig stand or a clean box and keep it away from sources of heat, moisture and direct sunlight.
How to take care of your synthetic wig?
How to take care of your synthetic wig?


So in this post, we’ve learned about the tips and tricks on how to make a synthetic wig look real. By following this guide, you can make the most of your affordable wig!

However, in case you’re still not satisfied with the result, the best option is a human hair wig that offers the same look and feel as natural hair.

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