How To Make Clip in Hair Extensions? Plus How To Use It!

Clip-in hair extension is one of the most popular methods for those who want to temporarily enhance length and volume for their hair without a long-term commitment, spending a pile of money but still receive unexpected damages. However, clip-in extension kits, whether it’s synthetic or human hair, are all pretty expensive if you buy directly from the store. This cost will be greatly reduced if you can make them yourself at home, and why not when this is completely possible? For those who are reading this article, besides the curious readers, there must be a few girls who desire to own beautiful clip-in hair but are still afraid of the price. This article, which shows you the full tutorials to make a DIY clip-in, will definitely save you a lot of money to own a beautiful and quality extension.

macsara MG 2355 large - How To Make Clip in Hair Extensions? Plus How To Use It! And for the most beautiful and natural hair, we recommend using real human hair. It can be a bit expensive to buy, but it will bring worthwhile results. Not only does it provide natural beauty, but it is also more durable and allows you to restyle as you like. This also means you can experience a variety of trendy hairstyles with just one set of clip in hair extensions. Thought not to save but to utterly save!

Now, let’s learn how to make your own clip-in hair extension with MACSARA!

Step 1: Prepare materials

macsara Prepare materials large - How To Make Clip in Hair Extensions? Plus How To Use It!

To make a clip-in hair extension, you will need:

  • 1-2 packs of human wefts hair extensions, this will depend on how thick you want your clip-in to be (the details on how to choose hair will be on step 2).
  • 15-20 wig clips, this will depend on how many hairpieces you want to make, however, it’s better if you have extra rather than having to make another trip to the beauty supply store, and you also shouldn’t skimp too much on the number of clips putting on each hairpiece unless your hair extension will be likely to come loose while wearing.
  • Sharp scissors: to cut the wefts and trim the hair.
  • Needle and invisible/strong matching thread: to attach the clips on the wefts.
  • Measuring tape or long piece of string: to measure the width of each piece, which should be customized-fit your head.

Step 2: Choosing the hair

macsara MG 2023 large - How To Make Clip in Hair Extensions? Plus How To Use It!

You will use weft hair extensions to make clip-in, and when you buy wefts from hair supplier, the hair will come on a long and very thin weave (for each pack). Hence, you will want to double/triple it up to achieve the thickness you desired for your clip-in extension.

Make sure the hair you buy matches your natural color as closely as possible since you won’t want to spend an extra fee to re-dye hair. Ditto the texture: you may need a curling iron or flat-iron to restyle the original texture of the hair a bit for better blending.

When choosing the length, measure from about your ear down since that’s where you will place your clip-ins. You should buy hair that is longer than your real hair about 2 inches because the extension’s length will loosen a bit as you’ll need to trim it after it’s made to better blend into your hair.

Step 3: Make your own clip-in extension

macsara Start with a first 3 clip weft 2 large - How To Make Clip in Hair Extensions? Plus How To Use It!

Now let’s start to make your extension, you can make as many hairpieces as you want, but a regular clip-in hair set will include 4 wide back pieces and 4-6 small side pieces.

You custom-fit your extensions, you will need to measure your hair along the back, first just above the nape, then about an inch above, then from about ½ inch below your ear, and the last about an inch above your ear. Cut the hair from the weft in those lengths, and double or triple them depending on your purpose when making clip-ins (mainly to increase the length or volume). This means you take three (or two) identical pieces and layer them on top of the other in the same way, then sew them together along the weft at the top. At the end of the process, you should have 4 wide back pieces, and 4-6 smaller hair strands for the sides.

Step 4: Attach the Clips

Using matching or invisible thread to attach the clips to the top of the pieces. All the wide back pieces should have 3 clips (two at the ends and one in the center), and each small piece should have one clip. Don’t be stingy with the clips as if you don’t use enough, your extension will end up be loosen down easily, which may make you look really weird.

That’s it, you have already done making you clip-in hair extensions. It’s not that difficult, right?

Below will show you how to use clip in hair extensions

Step1: Layout your extensions on a flat surface, grouping together like sizes

Step2: Part you hair as you normally do

Step3: Section off hair perpendicularly from your part down to your ear, use a hair clip to hold the section in place

Step4: Repeat step 3 on the opposite side of your head

Step5: At the back of your head, section off the bottom inch of hair and clip up the rest of your hair. Select the weft clip that will best fit the section. You will continue to do this for each section. Then clip the hairpiece to your real strand. Smooth out the hair using a brush or your fingers

Step6: About half an inch up from the first weft, create the next section of hair and do the same as step 5

Step7: Continue to create the next section half an inch above the last and repeat step5

Step8: Do the same as step 7

Step9: Attaching the sides similar to step 5,6,7,8

Hopefully, this post has helped you to shorten your way to achieve dreamy beautiful hair! Good luck!

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