How To Make Difficult Wedding Hairstyles

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Spring is one of the best times to become a bride with a white dress and a marvelous hairstyle. Therefore, making wedding hairstyles is one of the most concerns of women! Today, MACSARA will share with you some tips showing how to make difficult wedding hairstyles!

Can You Do Your Own Hair?

Do you know that contrary to what you might’ve thought, you don’t need a professional to get hair that’s as gorgeous as your wedding dress? Of course, you can absolutely do your own hair for your wedding if you want to. If you don’t spend extra money on a hairstylist and makeup pro, you can save your money for the honeymoon. Just call a friend to help you out with your hair on your wedding day. There’s no doubt that the two of you can do a trial run a week or so ahead of time, just as you would a trial run with a pro.

In fact, there is a handful of making some simple and difficult wedding hairstyles that can be achieved without visiting a salon. It’s no surprise that if you don’t want to sit through one or more hair appointments, you can master these wonderful styles from the comfort of your own home. You can even turn practice for your bridesmaids!

Below are some wedding hairstyles that you can refer to creating the fairytale day you deserve.

How to make a difficult wedding hairstyle?

1. The multi-braid bun

In the below pic, this dazzling look, which was created by Beachwaver inventor Sarah Potempa, is full of glitter and shine.

multi braid bun large - How To Make Difficult Wedding Hairstyles

Firstly, take sections of the hair to create three small braids. Secondly, take more sections of the hair and make two fishtail braids. Thirdly, create one thick braid down the middle of the head, and pin it up under itself. Fourthly, finish by crossing all of the smaller braids over the big one, securing with pins. Finally, add some flowers or vintage materials for threading to make the look more unique.

2. Waterfall braid

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Perfect for the on-the-go bride, this gorgeous look is one of the best wedding hair!

Firstly, start by sectioning off three even strands at the front of one side of the head. Secondly, place the right strand over the middle, followed by the left. Thirdly, let the third strand fall, and pick up a new strand from the roots to complete the braid. Then, you can continue the process around the whole head. Fourthly, when you get to the other side, secure the waterfall as you would a normal braid. Finally, tuck the braid under the waterfall and pin.

3. The five strand braid

Firstly, brush the hair back, then flat iron. Secondly, slick the hair back then use four fingers to separate hair into five sections at the top of the head. Thirdly, basket weaves the braid all the way down and start at the right side, bring over, then under. Afterward, alternate to the left side, over, then under. Fourthly, continue braiding the five pieces all the way down. When finished braiding, flatten the five strands with your hands before securing with an elastic. Finally, roll the braid up under itself.  One thing you have to remember is to secure the braid with bobby pins when you get to the top.

five strand braid large - How To Make Difficult Wedding Hairstyles

Apart from difficult wedding hairstyles, simple wedding hairstyles exude elegance and timeless glamour in the most beautiful way!

How to make simple wedding hairstyles?

1. Curly ponytail

In the below pic, this gorgeous style of Gabrielle Union was done by the one and only Larry Sims! You just only slick your curls back into a ponytail, let flyaway curls roam free; it doesn’t have to be perfect. Besides, you can braid your ponytail halfway and leave the rest undone to show off your natural curls. We can’t deny the fact that a touch of gold wire or adornment of your choice on your braid will instantly elevate this chic style.

Curly ponytail 5f5c5e93 fb76 4f1d a1f2 756a2780c4c6 large - How To Make Difficult Wedding Hairstyles

2. Simple low bun

As we can see, Whitney Port showcased how gorgeous a floral adornment looks on a simple low bun. It is clear that this style is perfect for a laid-back bride or a beach wedding. There’s no doubt that the hair is so beautiful if you loosely pull your hair back into a low bun and tuck in a floral accessory to create this picture-perfect look.

Simple low bun large - How To Make Difficult Wedding Hairstyles

 3. Big barrel curls

We can say that Chloë Grace Moretz is a vision in this style that nods to Old Hollywood glamour. Big barrel curls are gorgeous on any bride. To add dimension, add a deep side part and pull one side back with a subtle hair accessory like this.

Big barrel curls large - How To Make Difficult Wedding Hairstyles

 4. Sleek ponytail

Unlike most of the people who want all attention on their hairstyles, if you want all the attention on your dress or makeup, a simple, sleek ponytail is an option. There’s no denying the fact that you can’t take your eyes off of Priyanka Chopra Jonas‘s killer smoky eye in this photo!

Sleek ponytail large - How To Make Difficult Wedding Hairstyles

 5. Messy bun

Messy bun large - How To Make Difficult Wedding Hairstyles

Do you know that a messy bun is fit for every occasion, as proven by Lily Aldridge and celebrity stylist Michael Silva? We can say that even though it’s your wedding, every single strand doesn’t need to be in place. Of course, sometimes the most undone styles portray impeccable glamour.

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