How To Make Princess Aurora Hair In Maleficent-Mistress Of Evil?

One of our key takeaways from our viewing of Maleficent (now in theaters!) was that Princess Aurora hair is so marvelous. Today, MACSARA will introduce two hairstyles that come from quite a few scenes of Princess Aurora when she was living in The Moors. And both hairstyles, which are Waterfall braids and Twisted Easy Half Up Half Down, consist of two loose twists into a twist back and adorned with flowers.

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Braid Styles of Princess Aurora in Maleficent

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil was produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is a sequel to the 2014 film Maleficent 1. And Princess Aurora, also known as The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods or Little Briar Rose, is the role played by Elle Fanning. As Princess Aurora or Sleeping Beauty, Elle Fanning has the prettiest makeup and hairstyle. We’re especially fond of this braid styles with floral accents. Surprisingly, this hairstyle is not that hard to do yourself. Here are two beautiful hairstyles to create Princess Aurora hair in Maleficent.

1. Waterfall braids:

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful and feminine braid styles is Waterfall braids. The braid creates a ‘cascading’ effect, which means it looks perfect paired with a soft wave hairstyle. The romantic, gentle vibe makes Waterfall braids become a popular bridal and bridesmaid choice.

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What a gorgeous Waterfall braid! This easy and quick braided hairstyle is elegant to wear out and also casual enough to wear to the office.

Below are the instructions showing how to make Waterfall braids:

  • Firstly, we grab a two-inch section of hair on your right side. Then we split the section into three equal pieces and begin your braid.
  • Secondly, we braid your hair as normal, crossing the left over the middle and the right over the left. Let’s drop a section free from the braid and let it hang down when we cross over the third piece.
  • Thirdly, we keep repeating this action and dropping a piece lose from each piece that crosses over from the top. Tighten the end with an elastic.
  • Afterward, we only repeat on the left side, making another waterfall braid and also tighten the end with a clear elastic.
  • Finally, use bobby pins to pin the braids at the back of your head to form a crown. Pinning one braid across and then tucking the ends of the second braid behind the first and pin in place is the way you can do to complete this hairstyle. Add hairspray and flowers if you want.

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Elle Fanning is being made Waterfall braids in Maleficent.

2. Twisted Easy Half Up Half Down Hairstyles:

We just add a dutch braid, and some flowers or delicate hair slides for a pretty hairstyle. It is said that braid hairstyle is a wonderful choice for half up half down hairstyles, but not everyone has the time or patience for making complex hairstyles.

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If you’re so busy, Twisted Easy Half Up Half Down Hairstyle is the perfect choice for youAs we can see, it’s an easygoing yet alluring hairstyle that you can obtain without much effort.

These are some instructions to create Twisted Easy Half Up Half Down Hairstyle:

  • First, we begin this hairstyle by parting the hair down the middle of the head… Then section off a strand of hair about 1 inch above the ear and about 3-4 inches back from the front of the head…
  • The second, we divide this strand into two equal, but smaller sections…
  • The third, we begin a simple twist using this hair and remember not to twist the hair too tight if you want it looks soft. Then we clip it out of the way.
  • Afterward, repeat on the other side of the head…
  • For the next step, when having both twists completed, remember to secure them in the middle of the back of the head with a clear elastic…
  • The final, you need to loosen up the twist by gently tugging on every other twist elbow so that the section pancakes out a little…You can repeat on as many bumps on both twists.
  • Besides, if you want, you can add hairspray and flowers…

We’ve created a step-by-step tutorial to help you get the perfect hair like Princess Aurora in Maleficent.

You can achieve Princess Aurora hair no matter what your hair type and hair color are. However, it’s important to know that Long Blonde hair is one of the most suitable hair to create Princess Aurora hair in Maleficent. If you want to go with this hairstyle, you need to have Long Blonde hair. If your hair is short and black and you don’t want to use color-safe products, as well as get your hair exposed with hot water or high-temperature styling irons, you can find us.

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