How To Make Your Greasy Hair Become More Floating?

Have you ever struggled with greasy hair even after just washing your hair? To avoid losing the glamorous beauty because of this matter, let’s find out the reasons to have a more fluffy hair!

Sweat, dust and even sudden showers can make your hair sticky even after shampooing. In addition to oil production, your hair can be sticky because of many other factors. Therefore, let join Macsarahair to learn about the cause of greasy hair and how to treat this kind of hair to keep the charm of floating strands.

The reasons cause greasy hair quickly 

Not only because of the objective reasons, but the reason why hair becomes greasy easily can also come from your improper care habits.

The sebaceous gland is very active 

The sebaceous gland is one of the main causes of greasy hair. On average, each root part will have 2 to 3 greasy glands. Therefore, when your sebaceous gland is in a strong state, your hair can easily become sticky.

Due to environmental factors

The weather is one of the objective factors that make your hair greasy. When you go out, the effects of air, dust and hot weather will cause dirty hair and scalp leading to greasy hair. Especially in the summer, the hair is sticky a lot as the hot weather leads to the strong activity of sebaceous glands and sweat glands.

Wear a helmet regularly

The habit of wearing a helmet is extremely necessary and a must-do every time you need to join in traffic. However, the drawback of a helmet is that it can cause your scalp to produce a lot of sweat and oil that makes the hair greasy, losing the natural bulge of the hair. Even if you wear a helmet that is not cleaned regularly, the hair is getting worse and this may lead to dandruff.

Shampooing too much

Your hair still needs a certain amount of oil to keep it strong. If you wash your hair too much, it will lose the amount of oil that needed on your scalp, and hair follicles lose their nutrients, which requires more oil production so they can nourish the body and tail. The daily shampoo indirectly stimulates active oil glands, the hair will pour more oil than usual.

Improper hair care

Sometimes the reason for greasy hair is because your hair care method is not proper. You may choose the wrong type of shampoo or conditioner for hair. If you choose to use a shampoo that doesn’t work well with your scalp, it will not only cause hair loss but also cause dandruff. In addition, eating too much fat or using a conditioner that contains too much moisturizer is also not good for girls with greasy hair.

Methods to deal with sticky hair 

You need to pay attention to your diet to minimize oily skin while applying more appropriate hair care.

Eat foods that are good for hair 

Certain foods can cause the scalp to increase mucus, which can cause greasy hair. You should limit your intake of sweets and grease, instead eat foods that work well for your hair, such as foods rich in vitamins B and E, foods rich in zinc, green vegetables, healthy fats found in fish, avocado, etc.

Protect your hair well when outdoors

You should prioritize hats with wide brim every time you go out of the sun to protect your hair. In addition, you should use a suitable sunscreen spray that will protect your hair from UV rays and locks in moisture and moisturizes your hair silky-smooth during sun exposure.

Use Oil absorbent paper

The bangs are the part of the hair that is easiest to get greasy. Therefore, many people choose to use an oil absorbent paper to protect their bangs when wearing a helmet. You just need to use a blotter to put between the forehead and hair before wearing a hat. Oil absorbent paper will absorb all the oil secreted from the forehead and prevent them from spreading to your bangs. Also, don’t forget to clean your helmet regularly.

Wash your hair properly

To reduce greasy hair, wash your hair gap day instead of washing it too often and remember using a special shampoo for oily skin. Shampoos for oily hair are usually fewer chemicals and have a balanced pH. Note that when using conditioner, you should only use on the body of the hair, do not apply to hair roots and scalp because it will increase the condition of sticky hair.

Use dry shampoo

If you need to get rid of hair that shows signs of greasy or oily hair, you can use a dry shampoo. In addition, a bit of talcum powder also can help you temporarily fight the sticky hair. You just need to put powder on the palm of your hand and rub it all over the hair roots. Then, use a brush to comb out any excess powder.

How to beautify your greasy hair 

You can try changing your daily hairstyle in different ways like braids, high buns to not only hide your sticky hair but also help you look fresh and pretty.

Braided hair 

The special thing is that this classic and charming hairstyle is extremely suitable when done on a slightly sticky hair. In particular, you can unleash styling with countless styles braided hair such as Dutch braid, French braid, etc.


This hairstyle will help you show the full facial features while helping you conceal oily hair quickly. The way to do this is very simple, you just need to tie the hair up near the top of the head, twist the ends and wrap around the knot. Note, you should tie a little to round the bulging hair and fix the ends with clips for a neat-looking.


This extremely familiar hairstyle can also become a savior for your greasy hair. You can customize your ponytail high or low. If the high tie brings a youthful and dynamic feeling, the low ponytail will give you a gentle and feminine look.

You not only need to avoid the causes of sticky hair but also need to pay attention to your diet and even your mood can affect the condition of your hair more or less. If you experience a lot of stress, it will stimulate the sebaceous gland to work harder. Please take good care of your hair to keep your hair healthy and charming.

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