How To Prevent Hair Loss In Menopausal Women?

Menopause hair loss is a condition that many women experience. So how do women overcome this situation?

How To Prevent Hair Loss In Menopausal Women?

Menopause is a natural biological process that all women go through at a certain time in their lives. During this time, the female body will undergo a lot of physical changes by adjusting the fluctuations of hormones. Many women experience unpleasant symptoms such as hot eyes, mood swings and insomnia. Among the above symptoms, hair loss is one of the most common manifestations. Hair loss can make you feel inferior about your body’s appearance, but it is not permanent.

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Causes of hair loss in menopause

How To Prevent Hair Loss In Menopausal Women?

Hair loss tends to occur more often in women than in men. Most menopausal women will have thinner hair and have bald spots. Hair will become thin on the front, sides, or on the top of the head. Besides, during daily activities, hair can also fall out in large amounts.

Research shows that menopause hair loss is a result of hormone imbalances. This reduces the production of estrogen and sex hormones in women. These hormones help hair grow faster and thicker, smoothly for a longer time. Reducing these hormones also raises androgen levels, a group of hormones in men. Androgens shrink the hair follicles, leading to hair loss on the head. Moreover, in some cases, these hormones can cause more hair on the face. This is why some menopausal women develop facial hair and beard on their chin.

For women going through menopause, the cause of hair loss is almost always related to hormone changes. However, there are many other factors that contribute to hair loss during menopause. These include stress, illness or lack of nutrients. Diagnostic blood tests that can help eliminate other causes of hair loss include thyroid tests and or complete blood cell counts.

How to prevent hair loss

Reduce stress

How To Prevent Hair Loss In Menopausal Women?

To reduce menopause hair loss, it’s important to keep stress levels in control to prevent hormone imbalances. Reducing estrogen production can affect brain chemistry and cause mood swings, causing you anxiety and depression. You should think about yoga classes and other relaxation methods. They are especially important in combating menopausal symptoms.

Exercise regularly

How To Prevent Hair Loss In Menopausal Women?

Exercise is an important factor contributing to a healthy life. You will feel more energized and happier once you incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Exercise also helps prevent some other symptoms of menopause, including mood swings, weight gain, and insomnia. All of these factors are important for maintaining a hormonal balance and for healthy hair growth.

You should choose a form of exercise that is right for you and consider going for a morning walk with a friend or relative, joining a gym or jogging.

Proper diet

How To Prevent Hair Loss In Menopausal Women?

A balanced and low-fat diet is the best defense against hair loss. Make sure your daily menu includes a good amount of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. It is also important to incorporate mono-saturated oil, such as olive and sesame oil, into your diet. You should practice drinking green tea, vitamin B6 and folic acid supplements, which can help restore hair growth. Essential fatty acids also play an important role in maintaining hair health. These fatty acids can be found in the following foods:



Flaxseed oil



Add enough water

How To Prevent Hair Loss In Menopausal Women?

Drinking enough water will help overcome hair loss in menopause. Not only that, but your body also needs to have enough water to maintain daily activities. For each person, the amount of water needed each day varies and depends on many factors, including overall health and the intensity of exercise. However, as a general rule, you should drink an average of 8 glasses of water a day.

Protect healthy hair

How To Prevent Hair Loss In Menopausal Women?

To avoid dryness and hair loss, stay away from heat tools, such as hairdryers and straighteners. Making different hairstyles can also weaken your hair and cause premature hair loss. If you need to dye your hair, choose a natural hair color. The artificial chemicals found in dyes and curling irons can damage your scalp and hair. When you wash your hair, always use nutrients to keep your scalp healthy and promote hair growth.

If you go swimming, make sure you have a swimming cap, as the chlorine in water can contribute to hair loss. When you are out in the sun or wind for an extended period of time, it is important to wear a hat to protect your hair from dryness or loss.

See your doctor for drug advice

How To Prevent Hair Loss In Menopausal Women?

Some medicines have side effects that cause hair loss. Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing significant hair loss and think that medication is the main cause. Your doctor may prescribe another medication without any side effects that cause hair loss.

Hair loss at menopause is always a worry for many women. Fortunately, there are always methods to help reduce this situation and help women have healthy hair. You should keep a relaxed spirit and a healthy body, always optimistic and avoid stress so that hair loss will improve better.

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