How To Protect Hair In The Time Of COVID 19?

As you know, millions of people across the country are staying at home in a bid to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from washing hands with soap and water for a full 20 seconds multiple times a day, we need to know how to protect hair in the time of COVID 19. And today, MACSARA will help you get much useful information to protect you as well as your hair from coronavirus.

How does COVID 19 spread via hair?

A dermatologist, who worked in Manhattan, hasn’t ruled out the fact that Coronavirus can live in our hair in a period entirely. According to these studies, of course, the novelty of the coronavirus and the lack of testing doesn’t offer us much in the way of understanding whether or not the virus can live on the hair, or for how long. Whereby, studies have shown that the coronavirus can live on cardboard for 24 hours, on metal for 2 days, and plastic for 3 days — but hair has not been a tested surface.

Someone said that Coronavirus could be in your hair, but it would be hard to imagine unless someone actively coughed and got droplets in your hair. It is said that the most common mechanism for transmission is related to hands because we’re using them all the time, constantly touching things, and we aren’t even aware of it. We can say that we touch our faces and our hair all the time without even thinking about it.

How to protect hair from COVID 19?

Therefore, we wonder whether the virus will remain on hair and whether it is necessary to wash your hair every time after going outside.

According to an article on news.cgtn.com, Feng said that generally speaking, people don’t need to specifically wash or disinfect their hair after going outside. Moreover, he said studies have shown that the coronavirus is quite sensitive to UV rays and high temperatures. As a result, the possibility of one’s hair getting contaminated by droplets with a high concentration of the virus outdoors is very low, and people just need to maintain the regular cleaning of their hair.

However, MACSARA will show you some tips to protect your hair below!

1. Deep Clean Your Hairbrush

Base on the research, we can conclude that if dead hair is collecting on a table or in a hairbrush and mucus containing viral particles come into contact with it, the virus could potentially live on that surface for 2-3 days. Therefore we have to deep clean your hairbrush, with or without the question of coronavirus. To deep clean the brush, you can remove the hair from the brush and immerse the bristles in a bowl of warm water with a couple of drops of shampoo.

 2. Try Not To Touch Your Hair Or Your Face

Dr. King explained that the living hair attached to our scalps may be better protected by our natural oils, which have antimicrobial properties and may limit how effectively microbes can attach to the strands. Logically, the virus could be passed from the hands to the hair, but if you’re not running your fingers through it, then there’s less of a risk.

 3. Tie Or Bun Or Pull Hair Back When You Go Outside

To protect hair from Coronavirus, you can pull into a ponytail if you have bangs that fall onto your forehead or long hair. If your hair is long, you can pull it back or tie or bun it when you are in an area that could be contaminated with viral particles.

 4. Consider Shampooing More Often

As you know, experts recommend washing your “outside” clothes and disinfecting your phone screen if you’ve left your house, and it might be safe to take similar precautions with your hair.

Because all shampoos contain surfactants that will remove dirt, oil, bacteria, and viruses, you don’t have to find a special, heavy-duty shampoo. Any old drugstore shampoo will clean your hair. However, if your primary objective is cleanliness in this time of crisis, you might want to skip your dry shampoo and hit the shower instead.

 5. Wearing Hat

You should wear a hat or seek shade if you have to go out. As we can see, covering up is your best to protect your hair from COVID 19.

All the above are 5 hair care tips showing how to protect hair in the time of COVID 19 that anyone can learn at this time. If you do, you can protect your health as well as your beauty!

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