How To Re-Make I-Tip Hair Extensions?

macsara How To Re Make I - How To Re-Make I-Tip Hair Extensions? Have you ever, at some point, watching a shampoo advertisement and envy with the model because of her charming, gorgeous hair. Is the jealousy big enough to urge you to wish the same sprayer like this: “Please, God! Please, give me long and luscious hair by the time I wake up tomorrow morning!” But here’s the thing – you can get desirable hair within a few hours without going through the trouble of growing it yourself. The answer? Hair extensions, of course! And for today’s post, let’s discuss the simplest method of hair extensions: I-tip hair extensions!

What are I-tip hair extensions?

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These are unarguably one of the most popular hair extensions for all those fashionable women seeking to experiment with their hairstyles. These I-tip hair extensions because of their hair tip made in I-shape.

What makes these extensions unique that they are applied without any use of chemicals or heat. A tiny bead locks your natural hair with a bunch of artificial hair extensions. You just have to slide your hair through the loop (while adding the strand of hair alongside) and clamping the hair with the assistance of a pair of pliers.

Why do we need to remake I-tip hair extensions?

When being worn for long periods of time, the keratin at the tip of the artificial hair will eventually begin to break down and become softer than it was originally.  This is to be expected due to the fact that the hair extensions will regularly become wet through washing and styling, and over the course of 4 months this will weaken the keratin. You are advised to remake the keratin bonds instead of cutting them, as this allows more water to enter as the seal has been broken, causing the hair extension tangle.

How to remake I-tip hair extensions?

To start, you will need to ensure that all of your hair extensions are neat and tidy, with any original micro rings/tubes removed. Using your hair extension shampoo and conditioner, straightened, and brushed thoroughly to keep the hair extensions clean.

Now, you need to melt the keratin bead. While your keratin bead is melting you can prepare your first piece of hair.  Pick up your first strand and eliminating the old bond, leaving you with the loose hair.  Try to trim closer to the bond to not lose too much length from the hair extensions.

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When the first keratin bead is fully melted, place the end of the extension inside the heat connect so that around 1cm is placed in the glue. Close the wand gradually, and jerk the hair extension out of the heat connector.  Repeatedly revolve the hair. This action will ensure that every hair is covered in keratin, and will stop the hair extensions from shedding. Then, remember to squeeze away excess glue.

If the hair extension is perfectly covered in keratin, you will need to roll the end to form the I-tip shape, and this is achieved by rolling the extension between your finger and thumb.

Now that you have achieved the desired shape, you will need to trim the end so that it is neat and tidy.

Where to buy I-tip hair extensions?

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