How to rock Clip-in natural hair extensions?

Now there are all kinds of hair to choose from and even better, some extensions are labeled with your exact curl pattern, which takes the guesswork out of buying them. The best thing about choosing curly or kinky clip-ins is that you can blend them in with your natural hair if you prefer a curl pattern that matches. In this news, we will discuss how to rock clip-in natural hair extensions so that you can have the added volume and length you want, without sacrificing your kinks or curls.

How to use natural hair clip-ins?

Natural hair clip-ins are an excellent way to get the instant look you want without waiting for the years that it takes to grow longer, fuller hair. It’s a great way to change up your look, and clip-ins for natural hair are easy to install and remove.

The way you wear the leave-out with the clip-ins will have a lot to do with which extensions you purchase because your natural hair leave-out should match your clip-ins.

Do you want the flat-ironed natural hair look? Then you should go for straight kinky or Yaki clip-ins, and expect to straighten the top portion of your hair when you want to wear them.

However, there are more options if you buy hair with a similar curl pattern to your own. Because kinky hair clip-ins are more voluminous than straight hair, it is easier to hide the natural hair clips within the hair itself.

You might be wondering what is natural hair clip-ins protective hairstyle? It all depends on what you do with your hair underneath. If you’re flat-ironing the top portion, it’s not protective, and it could even be downright damaging.

If you cornrow your hair underneath and have no leave-out, it becomes much more protective. The question is, how do you pull off clip-ins with no leave-out?

If you’re getting kinky extensions, you can opt to place some of the extensions forward beginning at the crown of your head. It’s counter-intuitive, but it will help to cover clips while avoiding leave-out.

Placing the clips forward requires you to have bangs, but you may find styling easy since you’re covering your mane completely. Plus, no leave-out means it’s more protective.

Another, less-popular way to avoid leave-out is by using a frontal hairpiece that covers both your natural hair and tracks. However, you’d have to make an additional purchase to get the top piece, and you’d need to be able to match the frontal color and texture to the clip-ins.

If you don’t care about leaving some of your hair out, you can choose one of the many leave-out styles. You’ll need to blend your hair with the clip-ins to hide the clips, but it’s easy to do once you know the method.

How to install natural hair clip-ins

Clip-in extensions only take 5-15 minutes to install in the mornings once you get the hang of it. Understanding how you’ll blend your own hair in advance is key to success with clip-ins, and you’ll need to plan blending techniques before you purchase them. To install clip-ins, first decide where you want your part. Take a small amount of surrounding hair in a U-shape and separate it for styling and blending later.

To solve your hair underneath, you can attach the clip-ins onto the roots of your hair, or you can braid or twist your hair into a cornrow pattern before you begin attaching the hair.

Having the hidden cornrows will be the most protective of your natural tresses. Keeping a protective style underneath is a great way to keep your mane untangled and moisturized. You also might find that it gives a less bumpy and evener look.

Begin with one of the medium-sized wefts for the area just above the nape, and then continue with more of the extensions to cover your head. The longest weft should be reserved for the upper back of the crown, where there is a lot of areas to cover. Continue with the sides and the top of the hair until you get to the line where your natural hair meets the weft. The last step is to blend your hair with the extensions.

Have you tried clip-in natural hair extensions yet? The best natural curly clip-in hair extensions are made of 100% human hair. One of the best suppliers, MACSARA, provides high-quality hair products. Our clip-ins are double-wefts, so you only need to purchase one bundle for a full head of hair. Plus, each clip has an elastic protection band to guard against frictional damage on your own tresses.