How To Save Your Split Ends Hair?

If you’re the sort of person who habitually pulls apart your split ends hair without even realizing you’re doing it, then chances are your well-getting acquaintance with this problem. But do you know what split ends exactly are? And what happens if they are left untreated? Look through today MACSARA’s post to find out answers for these.

How To Save Your Split Ends Hair?

1. What are split ends?

As we all know, your hair grows up from its root, and this means that the oldest part of your hair is the end. Moreover, unless you have your hair cut, you may have been with these ends for several years, with this depends on your hair’s length.

Therefore, you can easily figure out all the things these hair ends have experienced over time; that is, how many sunny, windy, dry, humid, and cold days has it gone through? How many scarves, sweaters, and hats has it come into contact with? How many times has it been styled, washed, bleached or straightened?

Additionally, there is a need to remember that these ends are your hair’s most vulnerable and exposed part. Hence, it comes as no surprise that they will not last forever. The regular wear and tear your hair experienced over time causes the hair cuticle to degrade and damage, thereby exposing the inner cortex. Consequently, this is what leads to your hair having frayed or split ends.

The ends of your hair may split in several ways. For instance, you start noticing the ends that have broken into numerous pieces similar to a broom or tree, or the classic split end either in two or smaller, barely even being a split end.

Although split ends are most recognizable on the ends of the hair, they can actually occur anywhere on the strand, creating different types of split ends (as shown above).

2. What causes split ends?

Split ends are typically the sign of damaged or unhealthy hair. They occur in response to excessive or repeated chemical treatments, grooming habits, and various environmental exposures.


Although genetics have a great effect on hair growth, there are various factors that are supposed to be harmless, can drive your hair ends to be split. And safe to say, the most common culprits are daily hair habits, including having a hot shower, brushing out tangles, putting your hair up in a towel to dry, and sleeping with your hair tied back, and so on. All of them can result in hair breakage and split ends. For most people, these grooming practices are routine manifestation, so they are actually damaging their hair without even realizing it.


Undoubtedly, regularly using hot styling tools like hairdryers, straighteners, curling irons, and hot rollers have a large influence on your hair as they reduce the hair’s moisture, which in turn, makes it greater delicate and susceptible to splitting.


Like heat styling, harsh chemical straightening treatments and perms, together with dying or bleaching your hair can weaken the integrity of your hair strands which increase your likelihood for split ends.


While all these factors are largely within your control, there are some lesser-known causes of split ends which are harder to pinpoint and manage. Those are climate and weather. Environmental aggressors such as sun exposure or a lack of humidity can all lead to dryness, thereby making you more prone to developing split ends.


There is a saying that “you are what you eat!” Exactly! A lack of nutrients due to an unsatisfactory diet, vitamin deficiencies, and hormones will reflect on your hair with dryness, fizzy and damage.

3. How to prevent split ends?

Fortunately, a few small changes can make a large difference when it comes to preventing split ends.

Firstly, it is necessary to use products promoted to nourish and strengthen the hair. Such shampoos, conditioners, and masks can help to prevent split ends from forming by moisturizing and smoothing the hair.

Be gentle with your hair, especially when wet. Do not wring water out of wet hair or rub it with a coarse towel to dry. Allow your hair to air dry whenever you can, as hair dryers can be very tough on our hair.

You should avoid vigorous brushing and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle instead.

It is also advisable to use hair-friendly accessories, avoiding rubber bands or bands with metal parts.

In fact, the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. Because once a hair is split, there’s nothing that can magically re-combine the pieces. But if you’re super anti-haircut, especially if you’ve been attempt to grow your hair, trying hair dusting—a technique that removes split ends without sacrificing length.

So, MACSARA has shown you about split ends hair and how to prevent your hair from splitting. Hope you find this informative. And wish your hair always healthy and charming.