How To Sew In Weave Hair?

It’s working as a permanent extensionsew in hair is famous for the perfect choice for anyone who wants to have beautiful long hair. It doesn’t make your hair tangled and weak every time installing and removing. Scroll down the following post to know more about how to sew in weave hair.

Hair extension was born about 2007. The results of the hair extension process brought satisfaction to customers just a few hours. Short hair was a change to long hair with full style.

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What is sew in weave hair?

Hair extension by sewing is a type of bonding to real hair and wigs that is very safe for your hair. This is a suitable hairstyle for many girls because the hair is quite soft and doesn’t cause any pain or trouble for the scalp.

The hairdresser plaits your natural hair into a small braid. It’s close to your scalp and then plaits the strands of hair into braids with a needle and thread. A piece of sewing means that only some of your natural hair is woven into braids. The complete hair weave means that all your natural hair is braided.

It is very time-consuming to implement, easy to break the braided hair, and easy to tangle when combing. You will spend more money to own the types of hair extension methods than other models.
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The sewing method is gentle, delicate and natural. It doesn’t cause discomfort. Besides, it’s durable joints and a safe and convenient choice.


If you don’t comb hair thoroughly, it will make your tangle hair. The price is higher than the other extensions.

Characteristics of sew-in hair:

– Features:  Because of being braided, your hair avoids the effects of heat and daily impact. The sew-in hair part needs to be dried to prevent tangling with the hair extensions.

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How to sew in weave hair?

When you know about weave hair, you need to know how to sew in weave hair. It is essential to take the following steps into serious consideration so that you could have the perfect sew-in weave hair.

After wearing a weave, it depends on a lot of things, from the preparation to the sewing technique and maintenance. Let’s check it out!

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Step 1: Apply hair spray to your weave hair

When you use sew in weave hair, protecting your natural hair is the essential step which you should remember. Don’t forget to use a hair spray to ensure moisture to your hair.

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Step 2: Choose high-quality hair extensions

One of the most important steps is to choose the right types of hair extensions. Sew in hair weave made of human hair is famous for the ideal choice, although it was more expensive than other types of hair extensions. Then, you cover a layer of hair at the top of the head. The thickness is just enough to cover the joint of the hair extension inside and the column is fixed with elastic. MACSARA has a lot of hairstyles made from human hair. You can choose 24 inch weaves hair to have naturally long hair.

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- How To Sew In Weave Hair?

Step 3: Sew in weave

Sew- in hair extension is suitable with your real hair. Then skillful pulls the entire layer of real hair into the back of the hair extension.

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Step 4: Hide the sew-in

Remove the part of the hair at the top and brush it evenly.


– You should not comb your hair too often because the hair is easy tangle if the impact is too much

– Shampoo and moisturize to take care of her hair best.

– You need regular care after sewing hair weave.

– You need to know the time of using your hair extensions to replace or change hair extensions.

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We hope that after the post, you will know more about how to sew in hair weave. In case of your extension is damaged and can’t revive, you can visit the MACSARA website to choose weave hair extensions. We have a variety of hair products that naturally blend with your hair.