How To Style Frontal Wig: Tips And Styles For A Natural-Looking Result

For those looking to cover up their thin or damaged hair or switch up their hairstyles frequently, a frontal wig comes as magic. However, once you finish putting on your frontal wig, it’s not done yet! Knowing how to style frontal wig is essential, as only after you style it will your look be completed and elevated. If you are a newbie, our tips below will help you effortlessly rock your favourite hairstyle.


1. Tips on how to style a lace frontal wig

1.1. Choose a parting style

When it comes to parting styles, a lace frontal wig doesn’t limit your choices. You can part the hair anywhere you want, from a middle part to side parts. Most wigs already have a middle part, so in case you want to create a side part, follow our easy guidance below:

  • Prepare a rat tail comb, a blow dryer (or replace these two with a hot comb), a hairspray.
  • Spritz a little water over your wig to make it easier to handle your hair.
  • Use the comb to divide your hair into two sections to your desired side.
  • Comb your hair slightly forward on both sections.
  • Flatten your hair by using a hot comb. An alternative is blow-drying it while brushing your hair in a downward motion.
Choose a parting style

1.2. Pluck the hairline

If someone is wearing a wig and you can tell that immediately, it can be the hairline that looks fake! Wigs often have too much hair at the hairline, which can be a telltale sign. Just compare it with your natural hairline and you’ll understand why. Therefore, the key to a seamless blend is to pluck unwanted hairs.

Use a pair of tweezers to pluck hair away from your hairline, towards the back of your head. You need to create a gradient effect to mimic a natural hairline, so make sure your hair goes from less dense around the hairline to full coverage.

Pluck the hairline

1.3. Create and style baby hairs 

Another useful tip on how to style frontal wig for a natural-looking result is to create and style baby hairs the right way.  Here are our step-by-step guide for you:

  • Preparation: A rat tail comb, scissors, an edge brush, hair mousse or edge gel.
  • Separate baby hairs: Using the end of a rat tail comb, take a very small, thin section of hair around the hairline to create baby hairs. Keep it separate from the rest of your wig with clips.
  • Cut baby hairs: Use sharp scissors to trim the thin section of hair, leaving about 1.5 – 2 inches of hair to style later.
  • Style your baby hairs: Apply a pea-sized amount of hair mousse or edge gel to an edge brush. Brush the baby hairs downward while shaping them in waves.
macsarahair- Create-and-style-baby-hairs
Create and style baby hairs

2. Different ways to style a lace front wig

As a lace frontal wig is designed to recreate a natural-looking hairline from ear to ear, they give you not only voluminous locks but also various styling possibilities. Below are some ideas on how to style frontal wig to switch up your look instantly!

2.1. Half up half down

If you are looking for an easy yet stunning hairstyle for a casual day out, there is no better choice than the half up half down style. It is a perfect blend of romance and playfulness and it also keeps your hair out of your face.

To rock this hairstyle, let all your hair down and divide your hair into two sections (at the front and back of your head). Pull the front section back into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. You can wrap a section of hair around the hair tie to cover it. Finish by spritzing a little hairspray.

Half up half down

2.2. Sleek middle part

Sometimes, simplicity goes a long way. When learning how to style frontal straight wig, a simple yet never out-of-date hairstyle is to keep it straight with a middle part. This sleek hairstyle is the perfect choice for those looking for an effortlessly chic and sexy hairstyle.

Sleek middle part

2.3. Chic ponytail

When it comes to a classic yet versatile hairstyle, a ponytail must be at the top of the list. Whether it is a low or high ponytail, you always look elegant and chic. It’s so easy to do, as you just need to gather your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. You’d better wrap a section of your hair around the tie for a natural-looking result. If you want a voluminous look, teasing the hair at the roots is our trick.

Chic ponytail

2.4. Messy bun

If you are looking for a way to style frontal curly wig, give the messy bun a try! Laid-back yet romantic, this hairstyle brings out the best of your curls while keeping them out of your face for a comfortable feel.

Start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail and securing it with a tie. Then spin the hair around the base of the ponytail itself to create a bun, securing it with another tie or hair pins. Pull out some loose strands for a face-framing effect and an amazing messy look.

Messy bun

2.5. French braid

Braid hairstyles are always sought-after among hair lovers, and French braids stand out as a simple yet stunning choice. To create a French braid, follow these steps:

  • Section off a small portion of hair at the front, near the hairline, and divide it into three equal parts.
  • Cross the right section over the middle, then the left over the new middle section. As you continue braiding, gradually incorporate small sections of the wig hair from the hairline into the braid, working your way down the scalp.
  • Continue braiding until you reach the nape of your neck, securing the braid with a small hair tie.
  • For a finishing touch, gently pull on the edges of the braid to create a fuller, more voluminous appearance.
French braid

2.6. Short bobs

If you want to learn how to style short frontal wig, the choices are fewer than long wigs but there are still a number of options to try. If you have short straight hair, keep it straight for a sleek look and tease at the roots for added volume. Either a middle or a side part works well.

You can also add some waves by using a curling iron or a flat iron. However, make sure you spritz a heat protectant on it before styling to protect your wig from heat damage.

Short bobs


We hope you enjoyed our post on how to style your frontal wig. With the tips and ideas given, you will definitely rock your favourite hairstyle in a natural-looking way!

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