How to style straight human hair wig

The human hair wigs enhance your style and the beautiful features of your face so wear it with confidence. Invest in products specifically made for high-quality wigs. There’s nothing more spectacular than a fresh new look. Keeping that look stunning requires management day by day that will protect your investment and keep you feeling beautiful and confident. The following instructions in this MACSARA post will help your straight human hair wig lasts longer and ensures this wig keep its silky or wavy pattern and looks great at the same time.

How to style straight human hair wig - How to style straight human hair wig

1. Facts About Human Hair Wigs

The best thing about affordable hair wigs is that with little maintenance, you can easily style your straight human hair wig and put it on your head without having to do anything with your natural hair.

Facts About Human Hair Wigs - How to style straight human hair wig

You can style your wig with the same product that you use in your hair. If style and versatility are something you enjoy every day, then go for human hair wigs.

MACSARA straight human hair wigs use 100% virgin hair which has not been dyed, bleached, or permed so it stays longevity and looks natural.

2. How To Wash Your Straight Human Hair Wig

How To Wash Your Straight Human Hair Wig - How to style straight human hair wig
  • Shampooing your human hair wig every 1-2 months is best and depends on how often you wear it.
  • Use cold or mild water to clean your wig.
  • Apply a drop of a high-quality mild shampoo on wet hair (avoid the scalp area).
  • Brush the shampoo through your hair from top to bottom by gently downward strokes one section at a time. Do not rub your hair or scalp as you would with your own.
  • Gently apply a little soapy water to the inside of the cap. Do not scrub the cap.
  • Rinse with warm water from top to bottom and from inside the cap to remove excess shampoo.

3. Conditioning Your Real Human Hair Wig

  • While the hair is still wet, apply a small amount of human hair conditioner to the wig to the palms and smooth over the hair. Avoid applying conditioner to the base of your wig as it can loosen the knots on your wig, causing hair loss in your hair.
  • While your hair is wet and oiled with conditioner, gently detangle the wig, starting at the ends and working upwards.
  • Your fingertips are the most gentle but a wide-toothed wig brush can also be used gently.
  • Rinse the conditioner out of your hair under cool running water.
  • Wash only a little of the conditioner at room temperature or warmer water from the inside of the cap.

4. Drying Your Natural Human Hair Wig

Do not dry your wig with a hair dryer. It can dry out and damage hair and the multi-skin top areas. Gently squeeze out excess water from the wig (do not rub or wring) and use a dry towel to absorb additional water from the hair (do not twist or wring). Let the wig dry naturally in the air.

Place in a ventilated place, avoid hair damage caused by sun exposure. Do not place your pure hair wig near to high-temperature areas.

5. Combing Your Straight Human Hair Wigs

Remember not to brush your hair immediately after washing. When combing your wig, use a special wide comb to brush your hair (both steel and metal combs, no plastic combs should be used), starting from end to top, this will prevent hair loss, especially, shedding. If you have a wig with curly hair texture, don’t use combs regularly, use your hands to make the hair orderly after wearing. If you have a wig that is human hair, be aware that when you brush your hair, brush a strand several times, from hair ends to top, be patient.

If your wig is messed up after a long period of use, do not pull your hair, spray a little oil-free conditioner specifically for the wig and brush it with a wide-tooth comb or use your hands carefully and do not rush.

6. Styling Tips For Human Hair Wigs

  • To restyle your wig, you can either use a dryer, curling iron or flat iron on low heat or use an electric roller on medium setting.
  • Do not use the iron or curling iron too often, it will cause your hair to lack of glossy, dry and brittle. It’s great that you can achieve style versatility with these human hair wigs. You can straighten them or you can add loose curls. Your daily styling needs can be fulfilled with these affordable wigs in a matter of seconds. It is recommended to keep a curly wig and a straight hair wig to eliminate the hassle of dialing the styling.
  • The use of the non-oil conditioner is quite easy: spray a few times before wearing a wig, it will make hair soft, bright, anti-static, moisturizing, shiny like new hair.
  • You are free to continue styling your wig whenever you want and put it on. As long as you understand the “rule”, do not tie your straight human hair wig too high, in case your hair falls out.

Enjoy and make the most of your knowledge of wigs to shop smart, look smart and invest in being smart.