How To Take Advantage Of Coconut Oil On Your Hair?

How To Take Advantage Of Coconut Oil On Your Hair?

Any person has the desire of owning a jealous beautiful hair look, regardless of sex or hair type they have. However, in this race, we often unintentionally ignore simple and natural things that can help a lot with our hair. Instead of buying expensive and dangerous hair care products with harsh chemicals, why don’t we simply take advantage of coconut oil for gorgeous hair? Go through this post to figure out the answer.

1. Benefits of coconut oil

It’s no secret that you have ever heard of the health of coconut oil. It has been respected for centuries in many countries over the globe because there’s not a lot of things coconut oil can’t do. Well, coconut oil takes effect of reducing fat, blessing you with healthy, fighting against bacteria, perfectly removing makeup, whitening your teeth, more and more.  However, today we’re here to talk about hair.  And there are thousands of ways coconut oil can help in that category. Surely, once you find out all coconut oil benefits on hair, you’ll never prefer anything else!

How To Take Advantage Of Coconut Oil On Your Hair?

Coconut oil is a great natural source of antioxidants and has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which nourishes the hair with vitamins, minerals, and medium-chain fatty acids. Using coconut oil for hair can improve scalp health, fight infections and fungus as well as support hair growth. In a nutshell, it works well to nurture the overall health of your hair.

It sounds interesting, isn’t it? Does it drive you to wonder how to use coconut oil for hair? Oh, don’t hurry up! We tell you right now!

2. How to take advantage of coconut oil?

Use it as a pre-poo

How To Take Advantage Of Coconut Oil On Your Hair?

As we all know, hair is more prone to damage when it’s wet. The hair is covered with cuticle made from flat, overlapping scales that are attached towards the root end of your hair and point towards the tip. When the cortex of your hair absorbs water and swells up, these scales are pushed outward so they stick up. This, in turn, makes wet hair much easier to damage, especially when brushing or styling.

Applying coconut oil to your hair before you wash it can drop off the amount of water absorbed by the hair shaft and the degree to which the cuticle scales “stick up.” This reduces the possibility of damage while the hair is wet.

Detangle for hair

How To Take Advantage Of Coconut Oil On Your Hair?

If coconut oil isn’t a staple in your styling routine, you should definitely consider adding it right now. Coconut oil is great for replenishing moisture in your hair. It can help smooth the cuticles on your split ends, so your hair doesn’t look frayed at the end and no longer tangle.

When applying, keep in mind that a little goes a very long way. Only apply about a dime-sized amount to your hair.

Hair treatment and growth

How To Take Advantage Of Coconut Oil On Your Hair?

If you’re challenged with damaged, thinned and dry hair, coconut oil can be your savor. It hydrates the hair by penetrating the shaft. For good results, you can apply it as a leave-in conditioner after showering, or for a more intense treatment, use it for a couple of hours or overnight.

Lice prevention

How To Take Advantage Of Coconut Oil On Your Hair?

Coconut oil is a proven natural alternative to get rid of lice. If you combine it with anise spray, lice are no big deal anymore. First, put some coconut oil on your hands and detangle your hair first. Slightly massage the scalp and move your hands from root to tip of your hair. Cover your hair with a cap and let it rest for about two hours. Comb hair once again and rinse it. Just matter of a few minutes then lice problem is not your concern.

Coconut oil for hair is a wonderful natural health product when being used constantly and in the right amounts. It’s most efficient as a protective layer for your hair than a marvelous recovery method, but always good for a try in damaged and lifeless hair, since it’s cheap and easy to use.