How To Take Care Of Bulk Hair Extensions?

Besides clothes and cosmetics, human hair extensions are becoming indispensable items for women to upgrade their appearance. The beautiful hair has the same strength as a wonderful makeup layer and can save a boring outfit as well. However, it appears that hair extensions are more complicated in usage. We should learn how to use it at first and then how to take care of it? So let MACSARA do you a favor with the most basic hair extension: Bulk hair!

- How To Take Care Of Bulk Hair Extensions?

How do bulk hair extensions look like?

Oh, if this is the first of you visit our blog, you maybe feel confusing: How do Bulk Hair look like? Don’t worry! We tell you right now.

Bulk hair refers to hair bundles that are tied with elastic bands at the top of the hair. It can be said that bulk hair is the easiest hair extension to use. This type of hair extension does not experience the chemical process so much, so it acts, looks and feels the same way as your natural hair.

- How To Take Care Of Bulk Hair Extensions?

What’s more, bulk hair appears in the basic form: black, straight, long. Therefore, you can do anything to change it in the shape you wish. You can use it to make weft hair, braid, and many other hair extension styles.

Then, this poses a question: It difficult to keep bulk hair in its best quality, isn’t it? Believe us! The thing does not go the way you are thinking. Go through the next part to find out the answer to your confusion.

How to take care of bulk hair?

  1. Store bulk hair

From the beginning of the human hair extension industry, bulk hair is the very first product that is gathered from females. Because human hair is often easily dispersive and tangle, so fast storing right after cutting the hair from the human body is necessary to ensure minimal loss.  Undoubtedly, collecting human hair into a bulk is the simplest and the most classic way to store the hair.

macsara Store bulk hair large - How To Take Care Of Bulk Hair Extensions?

As for storing, it is necessary to preserve in clean and dry places, the most comfortable way is to hang the bulk with hooks to remain the texture of hair to be in the same direction. Furthermore, dust, winds, and sunlight are among the biggest enemy of hair extensions. They can cause tangle, dryness or make the hair sit flat which then results in hair loss or baldness.

  1. Washing bulk hair

One important thing you should keep in your mind to maintain the bulk hair soft, smooth and shining is to wash it. This helps eliminate dust which causes hair tangle and dry. Therefore, remember to wash your hair very thoroughly, preferably twice a week. When doing so, be sure to be as gentle on the bonds as possible!

macsara Washing bulk hair large - How To Take Care Of Bulk Hair Extensions?

  1. Conditioning bulk hair

The bulk hair extensions, in essence, are natural hair collected after being cut down. Hence, it needs conditioning as the way you do with your own hair. Bulk hair extensions even require more complicating care because they no longer absorb nutrition from the human body. So, remember to use good conditioners as well as moisturizers to remain hair in its good shape.

macsara Conditioning bulk hair large - How To Take Care Of Bulk Hair Extensions?

So, MACSARA has just shown you several tips to take care of your bulk hair extensions. You are maybe anxious to choose a hair extension to make some change for your normal style, aren’t you? Let MACSARA help your dream come true. We are confident to be one of the leading companies that are authorized in supplying hair extensions on the international market. We always provide customers with high-quality products which are proceeded from 100% Vietnam Remy hair.  Since it is human hair, you can freely straighten, bleach or even dye it. Bulk hair is natural-looking, attractive and gorgeous as you probably know that Remy hair has all cuticles are in the same direction. Also, you need not worry about the cost because we bring to you the most affordable items.

It’s high time to shopping with MACSARA and shining your beauty!