How To Take Care Of Hair In Braids?

Summer is now coming and braid hairstyles may be one of the best choices for women and girls. However, taking care of your braids to keep your hair healthy and also keep your braids looking neat is not a simple problem! Now, let MACSARA introduce some tips showing how to take care of hair in braids! Keep reading to get more useful information in this article!

1. Using a silk or satin scarf or silky pillowcase:

Always covering your braids with a silk or satin scarf when going to bed is one of the best ways to maintain your braided hair. If you use another texture on your hair, try a silk pillowcase is a good way. Thanks to this way, the oils in your hair are protected keeping your hair healthy. As we can see, this way also protects your roots from drying out when you sleep.

2. Spritz:

Because of the synthetic nature of the hairpiece, your scalp may itch as a reaction to the same. The solution is buying a spray that is specifically made for braids. Afterward, you can also spray it on your braids to give them a shine and get relax.

3. Washing your braids:

It is said that just because your hair is braided doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean it. Washing it at least every two weeks to get out the dirty is necessary. To clean your braids gently, you should remember: Firstly, rub a little shampoo in your hand to form lather then apply the lather on your scalp only. Secondly, rub the shampoo by using your fingers beneath your braids then rinse thoroughly. Finally, you can then apply conditioner only on the natural hair before rinsing again. One thing you must know is to squeeze any excess water from the braids using a soft towel. You have to remember; squeeze, don’t rub.

4. Dry properly:

We can say that it’s very easy to grab a hairdryer because it works quicker, but always try your best to stay away from heat. And you have to remember to dry your hair with a soft towel or an old t-shirt and wrap it around your hair after washing your braids. You can dry your braids by squeezing the water out and not by pulling them, in this way your natural hair won’t break as easily as it would if you pulled your braids.

5. Moisturize and hydrate:

One key element is to make sure to still moisturize your scalp and hydrate it. Because when we dry scalp leads to dry hair which leads to hair loss/breaking and a thinning hairline. Therefore if you invest in a good aftercare regime that will ensure that your scalp is hydrated and healthy.

6. Don’t leave your braids in for too long:

There’s no denying the fact that protective styling is meant to be short-term. It is clear that you should never keep braids for longer than 8 weeks. The reason is that any longer than that and your new growth will stretch and damage and eventually break. Keeping your braids for longer than 8 weeks will likely leave you with hair loss so you have to leave it after 7 weeks.

All the above are 6 hair care tips for braided hair that anyone can learn. If you do, your beautiful braided hair will last you the whole summer long – and well into autumn too! Hopefully, the above sharing will help you have more ideas for taking care of your braided hair.

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