How To Take Care Of Wavy Hair?

Wavy hair is a hairstyle that many young people love today. However, to create the right wave hairstyle is very difficult. You need to nourish and hold on with wavy hair. Right! To care and keep sticky for the wave of hair is not easy. Because wavy hair usually has no specific folds and is as clear as regular curly hair. Therefore, if you want to keep your hair effective and lasting, you need a special hair care regime. Read the below article to learn more about how to take care of wavy hair.


Buy a good shampoo

Use a shampoo that is made for wavy hair.  When you choose a shampoo that is made for another hair type, it’s won’t give your hair the proper care it needs. Look for shampoos that specifically say they are made for wavy hair texture. Don’t use too much shampoo or wash too often. Depending on how oily or dry your hair is, wash once every other day or once every few days.

Consider any problems you’ve had with your hair before buying a shampoo. Look for a sulfate-free shampoo because it causes to cause hard dry.


Pick the right conditioner

Along with buying a shampoo made for wavy hair, you can use a conditioner based on your hair type as well. If you find a shampoo you like, try to find the conditioner that is paired with it. If there isn’t a conditioner that is meant to be bought with the shampoo, then look for a product that says it is for wavy hair. Make sure to use a conditioner every time you wash. You just only apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair. A conditioner made for curly hair can work for wavy hair as well.
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If you are worried about the ingredients in your conditioner, like alcohol that can dry hair out, look for an organic conditioner.

Washing hair with cold water

Hot water feels great, but they are not good for your hair. Warm water is good to use to allow the shampoo and conditioner to work into the hair, but finishing your shower with warm or hot water can dry it out. Even if you start with a warm shower, end with a cold one. A cold shower will close the cuticles and help seal in the moisture from the shampoo and conditioner.

Put your hair in buns before going to the bed

If you don’t plan to style your hair after washing it, then put in buns before bed to help maintain waves. Let’s dry your hair and apply a styling mousse, then put your hair in four twisted buns. This will help you maintain soft curls for the morning.


Let your hair dry naturally

Don’t use a hairdryer to dry hair if you can dry naturally. The heat from a hairdryer can cause damage to hair and leave the waves looking poofy.

Use a comb as little as possible

Comb your hair regularly can cause breakage to your hair. Especially if it is used too soon in the styling product. First, use your fingers to detangle hair. Then, you can use a wide-tooth comb to tackle any knots that you were not able to untangle with your fingers. Start combing at the ends of your hair and work up to your roots, rather than starting at the roots.

Scrunch product into your hair

You can use a mousse or other styling product to control frizz and maintain waves. Divide your hair into at least four sections before applying the product. While applying the product, scrunch your hair, squeeze it for a few seconds, and then let it go.

Avoid heat styling tools

Try to minimize using a hair straightener or curling iron. Your hair will be healthier if you allow it to dry on its own and stay wavy. When you use heat too much, it will damage hair and cause your waves to look frizzy. Let’s use a heat protectant product before straightening or curling your hair.

Finish styling with an oil

You should have complete your styling routine with an oil to seal in moisture and add shine. Look for an oil that won’t make your hair down, like Argan oil. Only use a small amount. The amount of a dime should be enough, depending on the length of your hair.


Invest in a deep conditioner

Let’s build a habit of using a deep conditioner once a week, it gives your hair extra moisture and protection. Deep conditioning treatment gives your hair more intense conditioning than your usual, everyday conditioner, and it should not be used as often. A deep conditioner can repair the damage, add shine, and protect your hair from pollutants and harsh UV Rays. Apply the product from the mid-shaft to the end of your hair, leave in for five to thirty minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

Try to stay away from chemical and hot treatments.

Avoid chemical processes, like dyeing hair and using chemical relaxers. Chemical processes damage the hair, and it can be hard to recover from that kind of damage. Use an organic hair dye if you do decide to dye your hair.

Trim hair regularly

Heat usage, combing causes split ends. Not getting rid of these split ends can cause damage hair more, which leads to unhealthy. Trim your hair every about 3 months to keep your hair healthy and long.

Above are the most selected types of hair restoration products and tips for taking care of hair. Hope this article will be helpful to you.

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