How To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions Correctly?

Over the years, there have been lots of beauty enhancements that help women overcome their physical disadvantages, and hair extensions are just one of them. People turn to hair extensions to add length, thickness, and color to their natural locks so they can freely rock whatever hairstyle they love.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions Correctly

In order to make extensions hair last long, taking good care of them is essential. Unless your extensions get special care, you will deal with a lot of hair problems, such as hair tangles or hair loss. So if you don’t know how to take care of hair extensions, fret not! Macsara is here to help you with our practical tips and tricks! So get ready to dive in right now!

1. Brush hair extensions properly

Brushing hair extensions is not just… brush as you normally do! There are some tips when brushing your  extensions to keep them soft, smooth and silky. First of all, do not forget to buy a special comb for extensions hair for the best results. Gently comb your hair from the ends and work your way up, not the other way around. If there are knots, gently detangle them little by little rather than tugging or pulling to avoid hair loss. Also note that, you should not comb wet hair if you don’t want your hair to shed too much.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions Correctly
Brush hair extensions properly

2. Wash and condition hair extensions

When it comes to hair extension care, washing is one of the most important steps. Your extensions need to be washed the right way whether they are short hair, medium hair or long hair. This begins with choosing the right shampoo for your extensions hair. Opt for products free of harsh chemicals, such as sulfate, paraben, or alcohol as they will make your hair dry.

Many people have the habit of scrubbing their scalp and hair vigorously with their fingernails when washing their hair. However, hair experts claim that this is a direct threat to extensions hair as it leads to hair tangles and hair breakage. You should wash your hair gently with your fingers instead of your nails.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions Correctly
Wash and condition hair extensions

After washing your hair extensions, don’t forget to apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and the ends for added moisture and protection. Never apply it to the roots if you don’t want the bonds to come loose over time or the extensions to weigh down.

When rinsing out shampoo and conditioner with water, remember to pour the water over your hair in the direction of hair growth so that the hair joints are prevented from slipping out and tangling.

3. Dry hair extensions

After your hair extensions are washed correctly, it is better to let them dry naturally. However, if wet hair makes you uncomfortable, using a hair dryer is fine as long as you don’t use it at a high temperature. Your extensions can be damaged by high heat. In addition, keep it as far away from your hair as you can and make sure that the wind direction of the dryer is in line with the direction of your hair growth.

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4. Moisturize hair extensions

Besides conditioners, moisturizers such as deep conditioners, hair serums, or hair oils are also necessary in your hair extension care routine. As extensions hair cannot absorb nutrients from your scalp, these hair extension care products help provide extra moisture, restoring their shine and smoothness. Also, note that you should apply moisturizers to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair only. Using them on the roots can damage the bond and weigh the hair down.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions Correctly
Moisturize hair extensions

5. Minimize heat styling

Needless to say, heat is the worst enemy of hair. Prolonged exposure to heat will make your extensions dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Therefore, you should stay away from heat tools; once a week is at maximum. Remember to use a heat protectant on your hair extensions before heat styling them and give them a deep moisture treatment afterwards to restore their softness.

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6. Sleep the right way

When learning how to take care of hair extensions, sleeping in the right way really matters. You don’t want to wake up with your extensions coming loose or getting tangled, right? So if you use clip-in extensions, make sure you take them off before going to bed. In case your extensions are semi-permanent or permanent, follow the hair extension care tips below:

  • Never sleep when your hair is wet since wet hair is prone to breakage.
  • Put your hair in a loose braid or a low ponytail and secure it with a silk scrunchie.
  • Use a silk pillowcase or sleeping cap instead of a cotton one. Silk is known to reduce friction and prevent hair tangling.

7. Protect hair extensions when going swimming

How To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions Correctly
Protect hair extensions when going swimming

Have you ever wondered how to take care of hair extensions when you go swimming? Chlorinated water and saltwater is well-known to be damaging to hair, so you should take extra care when going swimming with extensions hair on. Here are the tips for protecting your locks:

  • Wet your hair with clean water before swimming to minimize chlorine or salt absorption.
  • Apply natural oils or a leave-in conditioner to protect from water and sun damage
  • Use a snug, quality swim cap to shield hair
  • After swimming, rinse, clarify with shampoo, and condition your hair
  • Complete extension hair care routine with hair serum for added moisture, restoring smoothness and shine.


Nobody can deny the importance of hair extension care if they want their hair enhancements to last long. By following our guidance on how to take care of hair extensions, you will be able to enjoy healthy and gorgeous locks for the months to come!

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