How to Take Care of Your Straight Hair before Bed

You may not realize how big of a deal it is to care for your weave straight hair before bed, but …it is!

Usually, high-quality extensions can last up to 1.5 – 2 years with proper care, which involves moisturizing, cleansing, and proper storage.

However, improper care leads to a way shorter lifespan, dry, stiff and dull. But we are entirely avoidable. A great night time routine will not only add to the longevity of your weave straight hair but will also save your styling time and money.

How to Take Care of Your Straight Hair 1

Keep Your Weave Straight Hair …Straight

A straight hair is so hard to keep straight, and it’s just as hard to maintain the leave-out .

We all fear burning our hair into oblivion and it STILL not staying straight through the night and into the next morning. Avoiding heat damage is key!

Here’s a sure fire way to save yourself lots of time in the mornings and some inches, every night before bed.


– Dry Oil ( Argan is the best)

– Satin Bonnet

– Large Flat Plastic Clips

– Paddle Brush

– Soft bristle brush

– Satin Scarf

The key to keeping your straight hair smooth and dentless at night is to do LESS! Keep the manipulation to a minimum so there won’t be a need to pull out the flat iron and curl your ends or leave out.

Use a paddle brush to brush through your leave-out and extensions and split everything down the middle. Next, take one half and cross it over to the opposite side, use the soft bristle brush to smooth your leave out in the same direction. This is where the clamps come in!

Use one to clip your hair behind your ear and the other to clamp the rest across the front. Repeat this same process on the other half of your hair. Whip out your satin scarf and loosely tie down everything. The next step is imperative so don’t forget it. Carefully remove the clamps and tighten your scarf. I sleep pretty wild so for extra security I always wear my satin bonnet over my scarf.

Catch your and all you’ll have to do in the morning is brush your straight hair out in the morning with a paddle brush.

How to Take Care of Your Straight Hair 2

No More Frizzy Bedhead

It’s so easy for straight textures to look untamed and “bushy, whether you love a smooth loose wave or a boldVietnamese hair afro kinky install the nightly maintenance is a major key. Avoid mornings full of knots, dry frizz, and the dreaded shedding with this super easy nightly routine.


– Water

– Leave-in

– Denman

– Metal clips

– Argan Oil

The cool aspect of this night routine is that when you twist your hair differently, you get different results. Large sections, thick curls. Small parts, spiral curls.

Divide your hair into four sections and clamp them off. Use your Denman brush to detangle your first section from tip to weft. Spray it generously, and then apply a bit of leave-in conditioner . The longer the weave, the more leave-in you’ll need, so make sure you use enough. Work the product in with your fingers and two strand twist it.

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Once you’ve finished, twist it into a small bun and secure it with a clip. Repeat these same steps three more times and tuck them all away under a satin bonnet.

Don’t Worry; Your Frontal Is Safe

Frontals are a semi-permanent way to rock your favorite wig, so it would make sense that you would want to keep it in tack as long as possible. A great way to keep your style as beautiful as when you left your stylist is a solid nighttime routine. The worst thing that could happen is the edges of your lace start to peel back. Every night all you have to do is tie your hair down with a satin scarf.

Step #1

Lay your scarf out flat.

Step #2

Connect one corner across to the other, and it should create a triangle.

Step #3

Next fold the longest side three inches up

Step #4

Continue folding all the way across to the pointed corner

Step #5

Lay the center of the scarf directly across your hairline and over your ears

Step #6

Tie in the back along your nape securely

Step #7

Tuck the rest into a satin bonnet

This will keep you frontal down, AND your edges laid! Thank me later or leave some frontal tips down below in the comments.

How to Take Care of Your Straight Hair 3

Don’t Do It!

Now that I’ve given you some tips on great nightly routines, here are some things you should never do.

Tip #1

Sleep with your hair wet. Wet extensions are a breeding ground for rancid smells and all kinds of gross bacteria like mold. Dry your hair all the way through any time you get it wet.

Tip #2

Sleep on cotton pillowcases. Satin is the better way to go because the fibers are smooth. Cotton fibers are rigid and tend to snag hair causing breakage.

Tip #3

Tying your hair up too tight.
It’s a rule of thumb, if it’s too tight take it down. Having your hair too tight leads to traction alopecia, thinning, and extreme breakage.

Tip #4

Not brushing

Brush your hair extensions with a paddle brush before tying it up at night is a must. Not only does it detangle and smooth your extensions, but it also sloughs off a thin layer of any products recently applied.

How to Take Care of Your Straight Hair 4

Wrap It up Ladies

Tying your weave straight hair up at night is just one routine you shouldn’t avoid.

We spend big money on hair we expect to last us years, so we have to do our part. Quick and easy routines like the ones in this article are sure to help you get your monies worth.

Sometime your hair doesn’t listen to you; you are very tired to care it. It wastes plenty of time to find the fast solution for Vietnamese hair, in particular in the bad weather or when you have a primary event or party. And why you don’t come to MACSARA, we will supply the best hair for you and you will never mind about the bad hair. We promise to make you fabulous with our hair!

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