How To Wash Clip-In Hair Extensions?

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Hair extensions are a method preferred by many women to alter the look of their hair, either completely covering it or adding to it. Clip-ins are one of the most popular types of hair extensions that are very easy to use as well as the most convenient one. If you are reading this article, so you probably own or are interested in owning a product, right? It doesn’t matter if you have clip-in hair extensions or not, as long as you care about it, I’m sure you’ll want to take good care of it to get the best results. We all know that whatever we take good care of always lasts longer, and the first step is to wash it properly. This can keep your extensions looking smooth, luscious, and shiny, making them last for months.

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Although not all clip-ins should be washed frequently, especially 100% Remy human clip-in hair extensions. Hair strands of extensions are not nourished with natural oils from the scalp as your real hair does, so washing too many times will shorten their longevity. In this post, we will provide you the instructions on how to get your clip-ins squeaky clean, as well as how to restore shine and moisture. Note, the less your wash your clip-in extensions, the longer they will last. Scroll down for a step-by-step tutorial.

- How To Wash Clip-In Hair Extensions?

How to wash clip in hair extensions?

Step 1: Smooth your extensions

When it comes to washing hair (whether it’s your real hair or extensions), the first and also quite possibly one of the most important steps is to smooth your extensions out before getting them wet. This will help remove all the tangles as well as minimize the possibility of it getting entangled again and make it difficult to wash. You should also very careful when brushing it out to avoid causing them to break or shed out. We recommend starting brushing gently from the tips to the top to get rid of all tough knots without pulling the hair out. And remember to use a soft-bristle or a wide-tooth comb when working on your extension. If you are finding it is difficult to detangle your extension because it is dry, you can apply some detangling spray or conditioner before you comb it for easier smoothing.

Step 2: Prepare your sink

The next step is to prepare the sink to wash your clip-ins. Make sure that the washtub is completely clean as you won’t want the dregs to stuck to your extension, plug the drain and fill the sink up with lukewarm water. Do not use water that is too hot or too cold as hot water can dry out and damage your extensions while cold water will not effectively wash out the dirt and shampoo from the hair. Squirt a small handful or about 2-3 pumps of shampoo into the water and stir so that it is evenly dispersed into the water. To ensure the color of your hair extension is preserved, we recommend you use shampoos or conditioners that are free of alcohol, sulfate and specialized for colored treated hair or extensions.

Step 3: Soak and shampoo each clip-in weft.

You should split your hair into small, manageable chunks of clip wefts to ensure every weft gets washed equally and thoroughly. Or else you can bundle up the entire set and wash it all in one go if you’re short on time.

Hold the extensions at the clips and dip it into the washtub, run a wide-tooth comb through it to make sure all hair strands are exposed to the water. Dunk the hair into the water then start washing them by using your fingers to gently work the shampoo into the hair. Do it with light strokes unless you will tangle the hair and make everything messed up. Once you’re finished that bundle of wefts, set them aside neatly on a towel and continue doing the same process to the rest of the extensions.

Step 4: Condition your clip-in hair extensions

This is a very important step to ensure that your extensions remain nourished, moisturized, staying soft and silky. You can use either regular or deep conditioning hair treatment as both of them will work effectively. Take a generous amount of conditioner and apply it on the hair from the top to bottom, evenly massage your clip wefts so that the conditioner can absorb thoroughly into the hair.

To ensure the product really soak in and work on your hair, you should leave it to sit on the hair for at least an hour. Or else it would be best if you put the hair in a shower cap and incubate it overnight as this will help lock in the moisture, therefore keep the hair from becoming dry and frizzy.

Once you have done with the incubation process, now you will have to rinse out the conditioner. Be sure to thoroughly rinse out each weft to avoid your extension being greasy once it has dried because of the residue product on the hair.

One small tip but will bring a big affection is that for the last 10 seconds before finishing the washing process, you should blast cold water on the hair. This will help close the cuticles of the hair to better seal in the moisture and make your clip-in extensions shinier.

Step 5: Let the extensions air dry

In order to prolong the lifespan of your extensions, you should let your hair air dry instead of using heat. Remember that your hair extension is not being constantly revitalized at the scalp, therefore using heat tool such as blow dryer to dry out your extensions can harm them in the long run.

Layout all of your wefts separately on a towel on a flat surface. A trick to preventing any frizz once the hair dries is to apply a small amount of hair oil to each weft to ensure the hair remains manageable and silky smooth.

Step 6: Brush your extension again

After the hair is completely dry, you can comb it again to get rid of all tangles and knots. Make sure it is completely dry to avoid damaging your clip-in hair extension.

That’s it, everything you need to know to properly wash your clip-in hair extensions. To maximize the longevity of your clip-ins, you should not wash it too many times, ideally is to wash it after every 15-20 years.

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How to wash clip in hair extensions

Step 1: Smooth your extensions
Step 2: Prepare your sink
Step 3: Soak and shampoo each clip-in weft
Step 4: Condition your clip-in hair extensions
Step 5: Let the extensions air dry
Step 6: Brush your extension again