How To Wash Human Hair Weave?

For many people who are beginners in wearing weave hair extensions, this Macsarahair post will help you understand more about how to wash human hair weaves as well as several notices when washing this hair.


How Long Should You Wash The Weave Human Hair?

Wash your hair every week because weave hair extensions are not attached to your scalp, it will not receive the protection or moisturizing effects of the natural oils. If you have an oily scalp, consider using a dry shampoo at your roots before washing.

What Are The Tools For Washing Weave Hair?

Some women believe that weaves do not have to be washed as often as not. However, this is absurd because if you have paid top dollar for buying this hair, then why do you neglect it? For others, the challenge is how to wash human hair weaves. If you are one of those who has a problem when it comes to washing weaves, here are the general tools of the procedure for washing: wide-tooth comb, shampoo, conditioner, towel, essential oil. Keep reading to know clearly about how to wash human hair weaves.

Some must-have tools for washing weave hair

Before Washing Human Hair Weaves, What Should You Do?

Opening hair extensions – the very first step to wash weave hair

In order to know how to wash weave hair thoroughly, opening your hair extensions correctly is of paramount importance.

  • Step 1: Take out the hair bundle and cut off the bands on it. Be careful to avoid cutting the hair on the weft.
  • Step 2: Open the hair weft for a little bit.
  • Step 3: Combing the ends first, then the middle part and finally goes to the root. Use a wide comb and don’t comb the hair from upper to the end.
  • Step 4: Combing to open the rest and the hair weft in the same way.
  • Step 5: Hair weft being completed open without getting tangled.

When the wefts are opened successfully without tangles, you can put it freely on the table and prepare the hot enough water to wash. There are some suggestions when choosing the kind of water for washing human hair weaves, however, the suitable water in this situation is the lukewarm one. Your human weaves will be in natural, beautiful condition without any dirt. Hence, knowing how to wash your weaves is the initial step to enhance your hair’s sheen and beauty.

How To Wash Human Hair Weaves Step By Step?

How To Wash Human Hair Weaves Step By Step
  • Check again everything that you have prepared before. Use a wide-tooth comb through the hair to remove any tangles. For curly hair, using your fingers to avoid any tangling or frizz is necessary.
  • Put your weave hair into the warm water (no more than 95°F) and soak the hair in the water.
  • Apply mild shampoo to wash the hair. Then use a specific shampoo for human hair weave bundles. This type of shampoo can help to maintain tangle to a minimum, while likewise keeping up your hair’s normal moisture balance.

Note: Wash the weave hair bundles starting from top to end by lightly massaging the shampoo into the hair. You must keep the hair straight while washing it because this enables you to avoid inflicting matting and tangling.

  • Rinse the hair in the water, from weft to tip, don’t rub washed hair, don’t comb or brush wet hair.
  • Utilizing a diluted way of conditioner and water is to apply conditioner to the hair. This dilution facilitates maintaining a strategic distance from any tangles or bunches. After 2 minutes, you flush your hair with warm water and once with a cool water wash. Utilize your fingers and rake them through your hair once more to diminish tangles. Note that you should not use too cool water because this frosty water can shut the cuticles which will bring an incredible shine to the hair.
  • After rinsing the hair in new clean water, you bring a basin of clean water and rinse the hair again.
  • Gently squeeze the hair but not twist.
  • Let the towel dry the hair naturally, never rub the hair.
  • Put the opened hair weft in the air and dry in the natural wind.

Note: Don’t utilize the hairdryer and give exposure to the daylight and ensure you have relatively little hair in the braid or it won’t dry. Thus, to master how to dry weave after washing, the very first job that needs to bear in mind is keeping hair off heat-related methods.

As one of the popular hair products, human weaves, especially, 8-inch weave hair, are high-quality hair extensions that can make you look more charming. By dint of the basics of how to wash human hair weaves that Macsarahair recommends above, you will not only clean your hair easily but also save it for a long time. Furthermore, if you want to know how to weave hair step by step, get straight to our blog to explore more. So don’t be reluctant to contact us via WhatsApp at +84379989559 for more detailed guidance and excellent bargains!

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