How To Wash Your Hair Underneath Sew In Weave?

Hair extension is the best choice and the fastest way for women who do not have long, thick and smooth hair due to many causes or someone who wants to change a new hairstyle without cutting, straightening, and curling hair. However, taking care of them has never been an easy problem. Today, let’s learn about how to wash your hair underneath sew in weave.

What is the weave hair extension?

A weave hair extension is being applied to the head.

Weave hair extensions are a hairstyle designed to make your hair look thicker. They refer to the hairstyle in which the hair is sewn all together in one long line by hands or machines. Due to the way of application, machine weft hair can sometimes be called sew-in hair extensions. Masarahair commits ourselves to use only Vietnamese people’s hair with the best quality. The hair is soft, smooth, glossy, and can be used for a very long time.

Why do you need to wash your hair underneath sew in weave?

A weave affords you a lot of versatility and protects your hair at the same time. It doesn’t mean that you can neglect your hair while wearing weave hair. Looking after your hair to make sure that when removing the weave, the new growth is healthy and lush. So that’s why you must know how to wash your hair underneath sew in weave when you’re wearing extensions.

How to wash your hair underneath sew in weave?

If you’re currently wearing a sew-in-weave, here are some tips you can use to wash it:

Firstly, one thing you must know is that you should wash your hair every 2 weeks because a weave may be damaged with excessive cleaning.  You should use a suitable shampoo made to sew-in weaves.

You can use olive oil to take care of your hair. Secondly, after making hair get wet with water, put a small amount of olive oil into a tiny container and dab your fingers in it. Afterward, apply the olive oil along each scalp part on your head and massage your scalp to get the right moisture balance.

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Next, run your head under warm water and apply a small amount of shampoo. Keep massaging your scalp and remember to not use your nails because they will damage your scalp.

Then wash your hair carefully underwater by running your hands and fingers from the roots of your hair to the tips of your sew-in-weave. Finally, drying your hair thoroughly plays an important role when you’re using a weave. Otherwise, a weave left wet will increase the risk of acquiring mold, which will leave your hair smelling far worse than before. After washing hair, you should use a towel to get rid of excess water quickly and easily! If you want to speed up the process, you can use a warm setting on your hairdryer. You can sit in front of a fan and let the air blow your hair naturally.

Where to buy the good weave hair extensions?

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