Hum! Chinese Or Vietnamese Hair Vendors ?

Which ones do you choose? Vietnamese hair vendors or Chinese hair vendors. Recently, Vietnam and China has become one of the biggest hair suppliers for importation. The battle bewteen these two Asian hair wholesalers has never ended and this can cause many difficulties for customers to choose where they should buy hair extensions with the best quality. Selecting hair suppliers depends on the taste and feel of every client about products. So, this post will make a short comparison of these two hair vendors for you to have a more general insight as well as help you make a sensible decision before spending money to buy them.

1. Chinese hair vendor

Industrial-scale production

When comes to China, everyone thinks of a powerful country with the largest manufacturing economy in the world. The extent of production, labor force and the number of raw materials for manufacturing in this country is very great. So, to make perfect hair extension products, Chinese hair vendors have to mix a significant amount of synthetic hair into natural hair. This contributes to reduce the quality of the hair considerably since synthetic hair can be easy to be tangled, shed, and cause breakage.

Beautiful design

Straight Chinese Virgin Hair

Making a profit is always put on the top. So, Chinese manufacturers usually focus on creating eye-catching outer appearance more than the real quality of products. It is no longer unfamiliar to admit that hair extensions from China look glossier and shinier than others.

Super cheap wholesale price

Chinese vendors are willing to sell hair extensions products at a super cheap price to dominate the hair market and become the biggest hair supplier in the world.

2. Vietnamese hair vendor

Medium – scale production

Unlike Chinese hair suppliers, Vietnamese ones tend to concentrate on producing a moderate quantity because this helps them control and manage more easily.

Quality – a top priority

It is no exaggeration to say that Vietnamese hair is very nice and soft. Particularly, it has thick ends and no tangles or breakage. Meanwhile, its life span lasts much longer than other types of hair. Most girls from countries in the world love Vietnam Remy Hair though the price can be higher in comparison with Chinese hair, Cambodian hair, or Indian hair. Sure, you get what you pay for. Check out more types of hair extensions via: human hair extensions

Helpful customer service

With the desire of bringing the best, Vietnamese sales staff always support to help clients have a wonderful experience when using products from patterns, colors, and how to take care of the hair. So, it rarely happens to problems related to refunds or exchange.

In general, depending on the personalities and hobbies of every person, these hair vendors provide hair extensions products with amazing quality as well as help us become more confident and beautiful with trendy hairstyles.