Iggy Azalea’s Beautiful Hairstyles And No Makeup Look!

She did it amazingly!

Who is Iggy Azalea?

She is very famous in the music world but if you are not so familiar with Hip Hop music, you may not know much about this talented woman. Here Macsarahair will briefly introduce this female rapper to help you know more about her before officially going into the main content of the article.

Iggy Azalea is a genius hip hop rapper, one of the very rare artists whose origin is not Western-er but could gain acceptance on the world of urban music. A sassy blonde white Australian who raps in an incongruous Southern drawl, she has nonetheless become one of the most successful rappers of recent times. She made a big splash on the international music scene with her debut album ‘The New Classic’ with smash hits like ‘Bounce’, ‘Fancy’, and ‘Problem’, etc. She’s only the only artist, besides ‘the Beathes’ to rank at No. 1 and 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at the same time.

Not only has an amazing talent in the music field, but the 28-year-old Australian rapper is also known for her unique fashion sense, whether it’s about costumes or hairstyles, she had had some great hair over the last couple years. She’s apparently a fan of such radiant hair colors as pink or blonde. Whether it’s elegant long flowing blonde hair or impressive bold hairstyles, Iggy Azalea still pulls it off and is beautiful in a particular way. Here let look at some fun hairstyles of Iggy Azalea that will stun you!

[1] Workout Ponytail Hairstyle

Let’s start with a very simple hairstyle. With such a big star who has to deal with the hectic schedule almost every day, Iggy often appears to the public in different glamorous outfits, with the hair is done in different sophisticated styles and the face is covered by several makeup layers. Iggy Azalea, however, also is a human-like us, she can’t always have a specific hairstyle or sparkling costumes, the female rapper also does enjoy her private time when she can be real herself when we see an Iggy Azalea no makeup in the most simple casual style. Here Azalea appears in a sporty look as she has her gym look down with a simple low ponytail pulled back toward the base of her hair and allowing a few strands to go free to frame her face. Simple and effortless looking.

[2] High Ponytail with Long Side Swept Bangs

You couldn’t have a more elegant ponytail. In contrast with her gym look, this ponytail is so much prettier and more feminine, and of course, it’s also more complicated to do. This ponytail is high up on the back of the head and held in place with a bit of hair to hide the hairband. The highlight here is to take a large amount of hair pulled forward for a wave of bangs with a bit of curl, which works perfectly to raise the elegance of the whole look. This would be a nice choice for a dinner party where you need to dress up but don’t want to overdo it.

[3] Long Blonde Hair

A long blonde hairstyle is never a fail option for enhancing femininity and gracefulness. The long straight blonde hair, which you can either style it by combing all backward or just simply creating a deep side-parted like Iggy Azalea in the two above pictures, will give you a graceful yet fancy and appealing look. However, if you don’t have naturally blonde hair, this hairstyle will require you to get your strands bleached. And it’s so obvious that keeping such long bleached hair to stay amazingly healthy is not an easy task, not to mention bleaching hair may cause your hair long-term damaged and affect your own health. So if you’re thinking of rock on this look, make sure to have proper hair care methods after.

[4] Long Braided Pigtails

An old standby but never corny hairstyle, the braided pigtails or the two-side Dutch braid. Unlike the normal sides Dutch braided, Iggy Azalea has changed her style a bit by starting the braids from the top center right above the forehead instead of the base of her hair. This not only brings you a unique yet classy look but also help all your hair stay in place much better when running around all day. This youthful and dynamic hairstyle is a perfect choice for you to rock when going to meet up with friends.

[5] Blonde Hair with Dip Dyed Pink Tips

Dye your hair blonde and then adding some pink shade at the hair tips is a fun way to refresh your appearance without overpowering your whole look. This look would work well with dark hair too, however again you would have to bleach out the area you want to color first.

[6] Faux-Undercut Side Braid

[7] Crown Braid Hairstyle

[8] Pink Lob Hairstyle

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