Important Tips You Should Know For Wearing Hair Extensions

New to Hair Extensions? Here Are the Top Essential Tips You Need to Know

Are you tired of waiting for your hair to grow out or just want to add some length and volume to your locks? Hair extensions will help you solve your problems instantly!

However, if you’re new to the world of extensions, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. That’s why we’re here to help you. From choosing the right type of extensions to caring for them properly, you will find useful tips that assist you so much on your journey with hair extensions. Keep scrolling down to learn everything you need to know about hair extensions and get ready to transform your look!

1. Choosing hair extensions

If you’re looking to achieve your desired hairstyle using hair extensions, it’s crucial to select the right type of extension first. As there are tons of hair extension options available in the market, making the right choice can be challenging. However, you can make an informed decision by following these helpful tips:

1.1. Choose Remy human hair

Hair extensions are often made of 3 hair types: synthetic hair, non-Remy human hair and Remy human hair. Of these, Remy hair stands out for its superior quality.

Unlike non-Remy hair, the cuticles in Remy hair are aligned, which makes it less likely to tangle or shed. It also looks and feels more natural compared to the two other types.

Therefore, choosing Remy human hair will ensure you can enjoy natural-looking and long-lasting hair extensions.

Hair Extensions For Beginners

Choose high-quality Remy human hair

1.2. Consider your lifestyle

When it comes to hair extensions, there are three main types: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. Temporary extensions such as clip-ins or halo hair are designed to be removed after each time of use. On the other hand, you can have your extensions in place for 6 weeks – 3 months with semi-permanent and permanent types, including tape-ins, weft hair and keratin hair, among others.

A rule of thumb for making the right decision is depending on your lifestyle. If you are constantly on the go or don’t have enough time for daily hair maintenance, temporary hair extensions are the perfect choice. If you don’t want to put on and take off your extensions many times, you can go for semi-permanent or permanent ones.

1.3. Choose your texture, length and color match

To achieve a flawless and natural-looking hairstyle when wearing extensions, it’s crucial to select the right ones that match your natural hair’s texture, length, and color. When the extensions are well-matched, they blend seamlessly with your natural hair, making it difficult to tell where your natural hair ends and the extensions begin.

Hair extension texture

Choose hair extension texture, length and color to suit your natural hair

2. Wearing hair extensions

Hair extensions come in a variety of types and each has its own application method. While we will be exploring the specific installation processes for each type in future posts, here we will focus on the general steps for wearing hair extensions.

  • Prepare your hair: Before applying hair extensions, make sure your hair is clean, dry, and free from any tangles or knots.
  • Section your hair: Different extension attachment methods require different ways to section hair. A useful tip is using clips to hold the sections in place, making the application process easier.
  • Apply hair extensions: As we’ve mentioned above, this step will be done depending on your hair extension type. Some will require professional help while others can be installed at home.
  • Blend the extensions: Once the extensions are in place, use a comb or your fingers to blend your natural hair with the extensions.
  • Style your hair: Style your hair as desired, keeping in mind that some styles may require more or fewer extensions. Avoid using heated tools directly on the extensions to prevent damage.

Tips for wearing hair extensions

Tips for wearing hair extensions

3. Taking care of hair extensions

Caring for your hair extensions properly is a must if you want them to stay healthy, look vibrant and last longer. To assist you in achieving this, we have compiled some useful tips that will help.

3.1. Store your extensions

If you want your natural hair to take a break from hair extensions, make sure you store them properly so their quality can be maintained. Brush the set, keep them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, and ensure they are completely dry before storing them to prevent mold and bacteria growth. An airtight container or a shoebox can be used to store them.

3.2. Brush your extensions

Make sure that you are always gentle with your extensions. A soft bristle brush or a wide-tooth comb can help you gently remove any tangle or knot.

Keep in mind that you should never brush hair extensions when they are wet because this can lead to hair breakage.

3.3. Use haircare products

Just as you shampoo and conditioner your natural hair, hair extensions require the same care. Opt for products that are free of toxic chemicals and rich in moisture and natural ingredients. Use shampoo for the roots of the hair, whereas conditioner must be applied on the ends only. If you use conditioner near the roots, your extensions can become loosen and fall off easily.

Since extensions cannot receive any nutrients from your scalp, it’s a recommendation that you use specialized haircare products, such as hair oils or serums to help your extensions restore their moisture, shine and smoothness better, while allowing your natural hair to grow healthily.

Taking care of your hair extensions

Taking care of your hair extensions

3.4. Dry your extensions

The hair is at its weakest point when it’s wet, so try not to dry hair extensions constantly after washing. If you need to use your extensions immediately after washing them, you had better blow-dry them on a cool setting to prevent any heat damage.


Hair extensions are more than accessories, they are the solution that everybody looking to add length, volume and color to their hair need. We hope that this post has provided you with valuable information whether you’re new to hair extensions or have had some experience with them before. Don’t forget to follow us for more tips and tricks on your journey to achieving your dream hair.

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