Inheritance: Lily Collins with mysterious but powerful hairstyles

Do you ever think that which other factors contribute to helping attract more audiences of many films besides good plots, gripping contents or excellent acting skills? It is not difficult to realize that constructing hairstyles for main characters also plays an important role in bringing to the huge success of blockbuster movies. In this article, let’s discover hairstyles that help stand out the characteristics of the actor, “Lauren Monroe” in the film “Inheritance.Known as an America thriller film in 2020 of Vaughn Stein, Inheritance is a big gathering of talented casts, including Lily Collins (Love, Rosie, The Mortal Instruments, The Blind Side, Okija), Simon Pegg (Mission Impossible, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead), Connie Nielsen (Wonder Women, Gladiator), Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl, The Boys), Michael Beach (Aquaman) and Marque Richardson (Dear White People). The film mainly centers on the main character, Lauren Monroe – Lily Collins, a young lawyer and also the eldest of an upper-class family in New York. Instead of inheriting a colossal fortune from her father passing away suddenly, she just receives a key which leads her to a secret bunker on the campus of her family. And she finds a stranger, Morgan Warner (Simon Pegg) being held in captivity for thirty years right here. Morgan Warner is not a simple man. Would what he reveals about her father and their family be the terrible truth her father buried in so many years? Trapped in successive hidden corners about her father, Lauren is forced to fight with Morgan and struggle alone with her fear to find the truth which helps decipher his death. However, the answers she finds could destroy the lives of the remaining members of his family. Next, let’s enjoy and study three outstanding hairstyles which create an intense flavor for Inheritance.

Inheritance: Lily Collins with mysterious but powerful hairstyles

Back knot

It sounds simple, but its effectiveness can be extremely astounding. Combining this hairstyle with a black pair of glasses and suit builds up a powerful and intellectual Lauren Monroe. Taking a glance at her is enough to see a knowledgeable lawyer here.

Small ponytail

This hairstyle shows that behind an influential and strong Lauren Monroe is a gentle pretty girl. Through this small detail, the audience can visualize and feel many thoughts accumulating deep inside her mind. From that, the connection between the character and audience may be conveyed thoroughly. 

With a half bun messed up naturally, Lily Collins here seems to become a graceful and naive girl. It can be seen that stylists making this hairstyle aim to demonstrate the innocence of Lauren Monroe. Whether she believes in what Morgan Warner says about her father or not? Besides the three hairstyles mentioned above, we also recommend a few outstanding ones Lily Collins usually wears in some ENTERTAINMENT EVENTS

At the parade of Saint Laurent in Paris Fashion Week 2020, Lily Collins doesn’t need to wear any fussy hairstyles while she still conveys her luxurious and fashionable style only by a natural brown curly hair a jumpsuit short. Besides elegance, we can’t deny her sexiness thanks to the V neckline.

As we can see, this ponytail contributes to heightening a sense of dynamic, sporty, and edgy characteristics of those people applying it. No picky stylists can find fault in this awesome hairstyle.

On January 8, 2017, Lily Collins appeared in the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Like other celebrities, she chose messy-glam braided updo, blush-colored shadow, matte red lip, and a pair of dangling diamond earrings to exalt her beauty. Lily Collins is confident in the street style with a natural straight hair, an oversized denim jacket, and a pair of black cropped jeans Whether a romantic princess hair, sporty ponytail, or girly braided updo in the films, in entertainment events or even in the normal life, Lily Collins is always shiny and gorgeous like a queen on the red carpet. After reading this article, how do you feel about the hairstyles of the actress, Lily Collins? We bet you will envy her gorgeous beauty with amazing hairstyles. If you desire to own those, please consult silky and smooth hair extensions of SARA INTERNATIONAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY to make a change in your appearance. We are always proud of being one of the top companies which specialize in producing and exporting various textures of Vietnamese hair for most countries all over the world. Contact us via phone number below or visit our website to choose a suitable and fashionable hairstyle. We ensure you won’t waste your money when experience our products.