Is Hair Extensions Important To Wedding?

Each bride wants perfect, gorgeous wedding-day hair. One of the keys to the wedding hairdo is hair extensions. Today, MACSARA will show 5 main reasons why hair extensions are the perfect accessory on your wedding day to achieve the hair of your dreams.

1. Added Volume 

If you already have long hair and are planning on leaving your hair down on your big day, you may find that the ends of your hair tend to thin out. This is completely normal, as the life cycle of each hair strand is different. Once an old hair strand falls out, a new strand will grow in place of it, naturally leading to thicker hair closer to the roots.

Hair extensions are a great tool to add thickness and infuse life throughout your hair to create full, thick locks that cascade beautifully down your shoulders and back under your veil or tiara.

If you’re planning to wear your hair in a braid or bun but find that these styles just look too limp in your natural hair, adding in a few wefts of hair extensions will give your hair that extra boost of thickness needed to transform your braid or bun into a full, thick, fairytale-worthy do.

While thicker hair looks beautiful, it also serves a more practical purpose for brides, allowing your veil to rest securely on your head.

2. Added Length

Ladies, we’re sure that we can all agree that your wedding day is the perfect day to tap into your femininity and there’s just something about having instant long hair that does so!

Hair extensions blend seamlessly in your hair even if you have a short bob so you can have the hair of your dreams on your dream wedding day. Once you’ve clipped your hair products in and achieved that beautiful length, you can create gorgeous hairstyles.

3. Suits Any Hairstyles

Want to wear your hair in a full, thick bun but have thin hair? Dreaming of wearing your hair down but have a short bob? Longing to create loose curls but your hair just won’t hold a curl? No problem! We believe that no bride should have to compromise on her wedding hairstyle just because her natural hair doesn’t behave the way she wants.

While MACSARA hair extensions can be clipped in and styled right home, you may want to opt for a professional hairstylist to get your hair looking just right on your big day. If so, we recommend taking your extensions to your hairstylist for a fair trial, as well as a photo of your gown, to have them create the perfect, bespoke wedding hairstyle for you.

You can create beautiful, stunning wedding hairstyles all by yourself, using clip in hair extensions. To create a classic and elegant wedding hairstyle using hair extensions, be sure to coordinate with both your makeup artist and your hairstylist before the wedding date so you have your full look down. After all, the only thing you should be worrying about on your wedding day is whether to go for 2 slices of cake or 3!

4.  Long using time

Hair extensions can last anywhere from 3-6 months or even a year or longer if used and cared for properly. They last for the Honeymoon even a few months after. You can take your extensions straight to your honeymoon and keep your gorgeous locks flowing all through your well-earned vacation. Not sure how to care for your new one? Be sure to watch the video on how to care for your hair extensions.

Your hair extensions can even become a fond keepsake of your wedding for the weeks to come, as a memory of your special day.

5. No harmful effects

It can be said that they’re temporary and cause zero damage. While your new marriage is a lifelong commitment, your hair does not have to be! Clip in hair extensions is the perfect way to get the hair of your dreams fast and to just as quickly go back to your natural hair. There are many causes of damage to your natural hair or require serious maintenance and upkeep. The key here is to achieve the wedding hair of your dreams with ease.

There are a variety of wedding hair extensions that you can refer to.

  • Sew-In Extensions: We sew two or three bundles of hair extensions to the braids. This service can take three to four hours, but the look lasts one or two months for women with textured hair and 2 weeks for women with smoother textured hair.

  • Glue-In Extensions: This is a more temporary application. Small swatches of extensions are glued to the root area near the scalp. This service can take one to two hours to apply, and the look lasts one to two weeks with proper care.

  • Tape-In Extensions: With this technique, small swatches of extensions come with pre-glued tabs that are carefully pressed together near the scalp. This service can take one to two hours, and the look lasts one to two months with proper care.

  • Fusion or Pre-Bonded Extensions: This technique is the long-lasting of the extensions for Caucasian hair or hair with little texture. Individual beads pre-laced with a small amount of hair are attached at the root to create the most natural and seamless look. This technique can take four to six hours to apply but the results can last two to four months with proper care.

  • Clip-In Extensions: This is the only technique we would suggest adding extensions just for your wedding day. Small bundles of hair are attached to small clips that can be temporarily attached near the scalp.

We usually recommend tape extensions because they are very versatile and can be fitted for the hen and events leading up to the wedding then removed and reapplied for the big day itself, and also on the honeymoon.

You have just read news about the wedding hair extension’s importance. Is it useful? Give us some comments on MACSARA and we will also answer your questions about hair. Besides, you can choose hot trend high-quality hair extensions that we offer to get an awesome wedding hairstyle.