Jennifer Lopez Proves She’s Ageless Beauty In Totally No Makeup Photos

These iconic pictures of Jennifer Lopez no makeup will definitely inspire you to embrace your natural beauty!

Who is Jennifer Lopez?

You may already know about this famous woman. But in case you haven’t known her yet, let me take a brief introduction to help you know more about this genius before we get into the main topic of this post. Jennifer Lopez (born July 24, 1969) is a famous American actress, dancer, singer, producer, fashion designer, and businesswoman. She is known as one of Hollywood’s leading ladies who has a great contribution to the success of the pop-dance music industry. At the very beginning of her career, J-Lo had danced on the TV show In Living Color before got a starring role in the film Selena. The star then turned to the music industry and found major success on the pop and dance chart, while continuing to garner Hollywood film work.

There’s no doubt Jennifer Lopez is one of the most renowned women in the world. Besides the artistic talent, the American actress is also known as a prosperous businesswoman as well as a fashion icon. She has made a significant mark in the entertainment world thanks to her divine visual, unique fashion sense, as well as her inborn talent. To be as successful as today, the American songstress has to work really hard and display herself in front of thousands of fans almost every day. Her hectic life requires her to be in the best shape most of the time, which is not that easy. The public is too familiar with the glamorous images of Jennifer Lopez, when she appears with a full-makeup face and sophisticated hairstyles, however, doesn’t know the fact that this famous diva likes to go out without makeup a lot. Well, with all that natural beauty, there’s no reason she does not show up her real self to the world.

Here are some pictures of Jennifer Lopez without makeup to justify what I mean when saying that the natural beauty of this woman is truly divine!

Jennifer Lopez without makeup

[1] Messy top knot


Messy top knot 

J-Lo looks fresh yet sensational in this picture as she wore a furry coat and a cute little bun and the top head. She seems just comfortably going down the street without caring too much for the appearance, as we can see that there are no traces of makeup on her face, even the hair is just randomly tied up and wrapped into a top knot that it looks a bit messy. There’s one thing we can all agree that Jennifer always knows how to pull off every look, style and doesn’t need any help of cosmetics to be pretty and appealing.

[2] Going shopping

Going shopping large 1

Jennifer Lopez looks shining and prominent even when just casually going shopping. Wearing a basic gray cotton shirt and blue jeans, with the hair is arbitrarily tied back, Jennifer turns such simple styles into her own characteristics, may look homely but never be cloddish. The loosen side bangs framing the face further enhance her femininity. Behind the aura on stage and shake off the heavy makeup layers, J-Lo turns a beautiful neighbor lady that everyone wants to have.

[3] Stunning look

Stunning look large 1

The full-black outfit doesn’t bring any dark or boring feeling but it makes the famous songstress look extremely fancy and attractive. This time, Jennifer opts for a short black shirt to delicately show off her admirable ant waist and wraps the hair up into a super high half bun for a more youthful look. The highlight here is definitely the big black sunglasses, which gives J-Lo a super modern yet fancy look.

[4] The raw and real look

The raw and real look large 1

This close-up picture is the clearest proof of J-Lo’s divine natural beauty. Most women always afraid of these kinds of close photos as it’s very easy to recognize their facial imperfections, Jennifer Lopez, however, shows the complete opposite. There is almost no flaw on the diva’s face, without makeup, Jennifer’s skin shows up flawless as it’s soft, smooth, glowing and has no acne. The soft wavy brunette hair with the blunt bang, combining with the brightest smile on lips, makes Jennifer look a few years younger as if she is a lovely teenager. The singer turned 50 this year but who would look this youthful and young at such age? It only can be Jennifer Lopez!

[5] While driving

While driving large 1

Jennifer Lopez was spotted while driving to her gym at Beverly Hills. Obviously, the singer went out without any makeup and only wore a red simple hoodie. She still looked very radiant with the impeccably beautiful skin and short blunt brown bob hairstyle.

Some more pictures of Jennifer Lopez no makeup

Poolish selfie

Poolish selfie large 1

Perfect body

Perfect body large 1

Glowing skin

Glowing skin large 1

In-bed selfie

In bed selfie large 1

Kissing face

Kissing face large 1

Vacation time

Vacation time large 1

As expected from the world-class superstar, Jennifer Lopez has never left us disappointed about her gorgeous visual, whether on stage or off stage. What do you think about J-Lo’s natural beauty? Don’t hesitate to let Macsarahair know by leaving your comments below!

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