Jessica Nigri No Makeup? That’s Absolutely Fine!

Celebrity without makeup may be one of the most concerns in the world. And to solve the curiosity of the netizens, Macsarahair will introduce some photos of Jessica Nigri no makeup! Who is Jessica Nigri? Born on August 5, 1989, Reno, Nevada, United States, is an American cosplay enthusiast, promotional and glamour model, YouTuber, voice actress, and fan convention interview correspondent. It is said that unlike most cosplayers who tend to simply let their cosplay do the talking, she is outwardly bombastic and sometimes even a little abrasive. We can say that Jessica Nigri is probably one of the most popular cosplayers in the world and she always looks beautiful thanks to the power makeup as well as a fiery body.


According to news, with over 5 million Facebook likes and 3 million Instagram followers, she has made her hobby into an actual career that most cosplayers could only dream about. Because of being a professional cosplayer and geek personality, Nigri’s schedule is loaded with events. Even the star spends all-nighters working on her next outfit and filming her next video for her Youtube channel when she isn’t at a convention. So, there’s no doubt that Jessica Nigri always wears makeup regularly that makes her looks so marvelous and beautiful!

So have you wondered about her natural beauty? And how exactly does Jessica Nigri look like before extensive cosplay-style makeup and photo-manipulation? Let’s scroll down to see the more awesome moment of Jessica Nigri no makeup! Read more: Bella Hadid no makeup

1. Bared face and charming smile

This is a beautiful bared face! The cosplayer has a high nose, flawless skin and attractive eyes. Her platinum hair looks so simple but chic and stunning here! Although she sometimes has difficulty in her life, from day one Jessica always had a smile that would break hearts.

2. Ugly face

In the below pic, be assured that she will make one of her patented “ugly faces” to entertain her fans. However, this one is quite adorable and pretty. Moreover, her teeth are on point — how do you even get your teeth that white!? And the marvelous blonde hair is so shiny and wonderful!

3. Sometimes troubles with skin

Because of a busy schedule and tons of makeup on her skin at all times, Jessica Nigri, which is one of the hardest working ladies in the business with a career after she is done with cosplaying, has some issues with her skin health. As we can see, in this photograph, the wear-and-tear of being one of the world’s premier cosplayers has really caused havoc on her face. There’s no doubt that makeup might be a panacea to hide blemishes, but as most synthetic things are, the constant usage of these chemicals can often cause damage to our bodies. Hopefully, images like this don’t cause too much stress in her life — of course, Jessica is beautiful. This is just a moment that humanizes the Queen.

4. Before and after makeup

When comparing two pictures, it’s hard to recognize Jessica Nigri no makeup and Jessica Nigri with makeup. Do you agree with me? Whether a woman chooses to wear makeup or not is always up to her, and both options are perfect! We love that she mixes it up between rocking a full face of makeup and wearing absolutely none at all.

How gorgeous Jessica Nigri looks without lipstick, makeup, and filters! She even looks happier and incredibly great with grey hair.

5. At the gym center

As we can see, this is one of the dynamic and healthy moments of Nigri at the gym center. To have flawless skin as well as a sexy body, the star always do the gym regularly. In the below pic, the star chooses a simple tank top mixed with a platinum hairstyle which makes her look more stunning.

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