Kate Upton No Makeup, No Stress!

Many stars are showing off their appearance without makeupJessica Alba is not the exception! Now, scroll down to see more wonderful moments of Kate Upton no makeup!

Who is Kate Upton? Born on June 10th, 1992, she is a supermodel, actress and now the wife of Pitcher Justin Verlander. As you know, the ‘The Other Woman’ actress is a well-known Sports Illustrated Model who was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2011. Afterward, she was famous through her modeling contracts with various magazines, and recently the model featured in various Hollywood movies. Besides, Kate Upton was seen in the movie The Layover starring Alexandra Daddario and herself.

In this pic, the star is wearing a sexy black dress and beautiful earrings. The orange lipstick and medium wavy blonde hair contribute making her beautiful appearance.

Kate Upton No Makeup
Kate Upton No Makeup

Kate Upton is not only talented, intelligent, beautiful, sexy but she also has marvelous makeup, fabulous hairstyles. However, Kate Upton is a famous celebrity who has shown the world that there is always a way to look good without makeup. Kate is a very well known role model as well to millions of ladies all around the world as she has led the no-makeup hypothetical march for the most part of her life and has shown people everywhere that makeup does not make you famous but a positive attitude coupled by loving yourself is all that you need to actually make it to the top. Have you ever seen her photo when she doesn’t wear any makeup? Below are some photos of Kate Upton without makeup!

1. No makeup at the airport

We make sure that Kate Upton is one of the best-looking celebrities in the entertainment business. There’s no denying the fact that she looks beautiful and natural at this pic that was taken when the star was spotted at JFK airport in no makeup. Natural blonde hair looks so messy but stunning with her. We can say that the casual Sports Illustrated cover girl looked geeky and cute in thick-rimmed glasses, as she smiled for the cameras, makeup-free and proud of it. As we can see, this picture justifies the statement and proves how good-looking this woman is.

2. The exhausted face

There’s no doubt that Kate Upton is a lady who has always been against makeup whether it is onset or offset and you will see that this is the case even with her stylist who would rather use her natural looks to light up the camera rather than have make uptake over her face.

This is how Jessica generally looks even she doesn’t wear any makeup. We can say that she looks not alluring. If you are looking for some decent Kate Upton no makeup pictures, then this can be said to be a pretty good one among other photos. Besides, her layered hair is quite natural and stunning.

3. No makeup and makeup

When comparing two pictures, it’s hard to recognize Kate Upton no makeup and Kate Upton with makeup. Do you agree with me? Whether a woman chooses to wear makeup or not is always up to her, and both options are perfect! We love that she mixes it up between rocking a full face of makeup and wearing absolutely none at all. Kate Upton must have taken care of her skin and had a healthy diet to have perfect skin. Her wavy blonde hair suits her perfectly and makes her look quite alluring. There are not many women, who can look so awesome with such a simple and no-makeup look.

4. Simple with casuals

The pics of Kate Upton without makeup are raining in this article and love them. Without any sign of beauty products on her face, she was still beautiful.

As we can see, this casual look that Kate Upton pulls off so well is actually her favorite look because it makes her feel very comfortable and free. Her face is devoid of any makeup which proves how much this wonderful lady loves herself.

5. No makeup selfie

Most people have been impressed with Kate Upton’s bared face since she first appeared on-screen. It can be said that her beauty cannot be compared with anything out there and this particular picture is probably one of the finest looking pictures of all time.

This picture was taken by herself, and it shows off her natural beauty.

6. Charming smile

Hollywood star seems to be more open and confident about her natural look. We can see her flawless complexion and her face without the elaborate requirement of makeup touch up. The high nose, smooth skin, and pink lips make her look gorgeous even no makeup. She seems to talk to us a message: “Be confident with yourself even though you have no makeup on.” Moreover, the star looks so awesome and bright, where she confidently displays her natural allure along with her million-dollar smile in this picture.

7. Go jogging

To have a sexy body as well as flawless skin, the actress must have done exercise regularly! In the below pic, Kate Upton looks so healthy and dynamic but so pretty with her blonde hair. Do you think that this wonderful woman always manages to look pretty even without makeup?

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