Katy Perry’s Best Hairstyles

Not only being well-known for her strong and talented voice but Katy Perry is also famous for her effort to transform her look instantly and successfully. Through all the styles that she has been going through, we know that Katy Perry has tried as much as she can to refresh her image with her fans and her people. One of her most useful supporters is 10-inch weave hair extensions which help her a lot in changing hair colors and hairstyles. Let’s have look through her best hairstyles and have more ideas to do with your natural hair.

1. Medium Straight Formal Bob hairstyle

Medium Straight Formal Bob hairstyle result - Katy Perry’s Best Hairstyles

This bob hairstyle looks formal because it is straightened smoothly from the top down. The side-swept fringe did perfectly work to frame her face and spot all her beautiful features, especially her blue eyes. The light platinum blonde color really gives her a younger and more energetic look. When having this hairstyle, you can also use hair extensions to make your hair look voluminous and healthy. Remember to trim your natural hair regularly when having this straight hair.

2. Medium formal wavy hairstyle

Medium formal wavy hairstyle result - Katy Perry’s Best Hairstyles

The side-swept locks and the black color of her hairstyles did give her a mature and sexy look of a woman. Katy Perry’s hairstylist seems to do a great wok when he or she used hair extensions successfully to give her natural hair the volume and shine. This wavy hair would be best for those who have oval or diamond face shapes.

3. Casual long, wavy hairstyle

Casual long wavy hairstyle result - Katy Perry’s Best Hairstyles

Katy Perry in this pic and this style looks a little like Kim Kardashian. Katy Perry with long, wavy hair is gorgeous and fabulous. It is likable that many women would want to have this hairstyle if they see Katy Perry. And if you have medium hair or long hair, it’s halfway to get there. If you don’t have, you can use hair extensions to achieve this look.

4. Long, straight up-do hairstyle

Long straight up do hairstyle result - Katy Perry’s Best Hairstyles

She looks very fashionable and energetic in this up-do straight hair. The two side buns are the surprising factor for this hairstyle. To go for this hairstyle, you may have to spend quite a long time and also it needs hair products for its shine but the result is undeniable. Short hairmedium hair or long hair don’t even matter in this style because you are completely capable of using hair extensions for it.

Having looked through all those styles, you must have to fall in love with, at least one of them. To help you achieve any look you want, any hairstyles you love, hair extensions are the best supporter. Hair extensions do not only provide your natural hair with volume and length, but it also helps to hide away many hair problems such as dry hair or thin hair.

Instead, it will give you the dream hair look. With our years in the hair industry, MACSARA hair Extensions Brand is proud to bring to our customer high-quality Virgin hair extensions and Remy hair extensions, which are made out of Vietnam human hair. 10-inch weave hair extensions will help users to enhance and transform their hair look.