Kristen Bell just shows us must-try gorgeous hairstyles

Kristen Bell 1 large - Kristen Bell just shows us must-try gorgeous hairstyles

Let’s be real. No one can deny the utter enjoyment of exploring the hairstyles and makeup moments of celebrities. Especially those who have been in the spotlight long enough to inspire some truly questionable beauty fashion. And Kristen Bell is one such person who has the talent to pull off even the simplest of hairstyles to look perfectly gorgeous.

Kristen Bell dubbed Anna’s voice in the smash-hit Disney movie, Frozen, but she was famous before as the female detective known as Veronica Mars. Kristen Bell is a talented and beautiful actress, and over the years, she has had many gorgeous roles that changed her hairstyle. Kristen Bell is a natural blonde, but that has not prevented her from styling her hair in many unique and fabulous looks! If Blonde is the color your hair possess, then you many take inspiration from this super hot lady.

1. Pixie cut

- Kristen Bell just shows us must-try gorgeous hairstyles

Does this photo surprise you? We have got acquaintance Kristen with bob haircuts, but here she rocked a pixie cut perfection that we cannot get over. The photo was taken in 2003 when Kristen Bell was only 23 years old. And it’s her first red carpet appearance. We must share the common opinion that the actress looks really cool and cute in this lock.

 2. Long Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob large - Kristen Bell just shows us must-try gorgeous hairstyles

This long bob might be simple and plain but elegant and stylish as well! And it just goes to prove that sometimes less is more. Kristen Bell’s hair is mainly straight, however, there are one or two waves to give the look life and volume which is what makes this hairstyle so appealing.

3. Voluminous Wavy Blonde Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Wavy Blonde Bob large - Kristen Bell just shows us must-try gorgeous hairstyles

Kristen Bell is performing a cool short wavy hairstyle with a fabulous finish. This hairstyle looks great on her heart-face shape and is ideal for her high, straight hairline.  It gives her hair tons of volume at the sides and soft-touch throughout. Kristen perfects the hairstyle with a side-swept fringe that camouflages her low forehead and gives her ‘do a sexy peek-a-boo effect. Also, her beige blonde base has been highlighted with streaks of soft gold and light ash tones, giving her locks an ultra-light. This hair hue perfectly fits with her fair, cool complexion and dark blue-green eyes.

4. Happy Curls and Waves

Curls and Waves large - Kristen Bell just shows us must-try gorgeous hairstyles

A very stunning Kristen Bell appeared at the Showtime Channel’s TCA Press Tour party at Universal Studios in Los Angeles on January 12th, 2005. A neat white turtleneck underneath a solid pinstripe blazer led the eyes up to her blunt cut that flowed in happy curls and waves around her adorable face. The curls emphasized the shine of her hair while the motion and volume of the waves created a romantic look. The highlights on Kristen’s honey blonde base colors intensified the dimension and depth and also added tons of enchanting light reflexes to the hairdo

 5. Messy Ponytail

Messy Ponytail large - Kristen Bell just shows us must-try gorgeous hairstyles

Do you know even a messy ponytail can make you look ravishing?  We think it’s completely true when it comes to Kristen Bell. The sleek, energetic ponytail has been one of the summer’s best styles, but over the weekend at the Teen Choice Awards, Kristen Bell stepped out with a tousled, roughed-up low ponytail that we urge to try. It has the perfect amount of volume and wave, and just enough mess to make the actress look effortlessly chic.

We all know that ponytail is one of the most versatile hairstyles that can transform you into gorgeous mermaids. Below Kristen’s hairstyle is an excellent example.

low ponytail e713bfc0 4eb9 4d5b bdf5 b18d60f1324e large - Kristen Bell just shows us must-try gorgeous hairstyles

Kristen Bell lighted up the red carpet at an event at The Pagoda in Beverly Hills on August 3rd with her wonderful hairstyle. You would not only appreciate its super feminine and pretty appearance but also surprise at how intricate the style is in the back! Seen from the front, her hair looked beautifully messy with wavy, loose strands framing her face. From the side, you can see that Kristen has a fabulous low ponytail that flows down her back, keeping her looking youthful and not too serious.

6. Gorgeous Up-do

Up do large - Kristen Bell just shows us must-try gorgeous hairstyles

Apart from her naturally flawless and fair skin that seems to glow in radiance, we’re particularly crushing on her gorgeous hairstyles, which include the fantastic updo she wore during the Oscar Award this year. Have you just seen it? If you did, you will truly understand why she’s looking exceptional. Her natural blonde locks look stunning in a neat Up-do styled with a few strands falling on her sides. The intention is clear here. Her stylist made it sure that her beautiful face is highlighted on this very special occasion. Nice one, she successfully stole attention.

7. Braided Half up Half down

Half up Half down 4f5cf699 a375 41aa 8e72 a6464d66b120 large - Kristen Bell just shows us must-try gorgeous hairstyles

Kristen Bell hit 2012 Do Something Awards with a quirky braided half up half down as you can see here. We love the way a few creative mini-twists set-offs the chunky plait in her look, which makes it the perfect mix of casual and chic. This is definitely a desirable look to try for any special occasion.

8. Low bun

Low bun a6894928 335e 44eb 815a 6397a680c154 large - Kristen Bell just shows us must-try gorgeous hairstyles

For any intent and purpose, Kristen Bell’s hair is always perfect. The highlights are golden and sun-kissed; the long bob length always looks as if she just got a new trim; her soft waves are as good as natural water waves on the beach. Or so we thought — until she pulled it all back into a bun, and it got even better.

For a press appearance introducing The Good Place, the actress found herself a whole new look. Instead of wearing her blonde bob down with barrel-spun waves, she wore it up and back into a classic low bun.  The bun is so cute and it goes to show how adorable Kristen Bell was with a bun looking like a baby bow.

In conclusion, Kristen Bell is one of the stars that people like to look upon because of both her talent and her beauty. Her style sense is a great source of inspiration for many fans and others. And her hairstyle is one of the most important parts of her allure. So, always do the best thing to help your hair shine and then you shine too. Your hair is thin, short or dry? Don’t worry. Come and explore MACSARA’s product galleries to save your hair beauty with our high-quality hair extensions. We’re always willing to help you.