Lady Gaga’s Beauty Then Vs. Now: Hair & Makeup

Everyone is beautiful in their own way- that’s something everybody knows but not everyone can be fully confident with their own beauty. And then we have Lady Gaga – a great musical monument recognized by the whole world. In this article, let join Macsarahair to take a look at some unique hairstyles of this renowned female artist.


Who is Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga, formerly known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is an American talented singer, songwriter, and actress. She is respected for her unconventionality provocative work and visual experimentation. Indeed, Lady Gaga is definitely the most obvious proof for the saying “Self-confidence is the most brilliant beauty”. The female singer is famous for her unusual styles, which each of them has never repeated again. The costumes, the hair, and the make-up all associate to form the distinct aesthetic, which the star wants to portray. Her uniqueness and creativeness have been the inspiration for many fashionistas around the world.

We listed out some of her iconic appearances that you may get inspired and diversify your own styles.

Concave Bob

The Classic Bob seems too boring for the unique taste of Lady Gaga. Here, the pop star transformed her look with the blonde bob styled in a concave fashion. Moreover, the bold red lips combined with the black flicked eyes bring an altogether different feel, give her an edgy impression. If you want to try out this look but don’t want to risk your normal style, MACSARA’s 6 inches Tape-in Straight hair color #60 will solve that problem to you.

Fringed Blunt Bob

Lady Gaga looked stunning with the platinum blunt bob. The pastel orange makeup tone teamed up with the round black glasses turn her into a chic and luxurious lady. MACSARA’s Wig straight color #60 length 10-14 inches is the fastest way to have this hairstyle without damaging the natural hair.

High Straight Ponytail

Just a casual selfie in the waiting time on the airplane. We can see that Lady Gaga was totally relaxed as she didn’t put on any makeup. However, a Lady Gaga without makeup doesn’t mean a trivial-looking Lady Gaga. The high straight ponytail exerted its maximum effect, bringing a fancy look for her.

Fringed Bob

A person who is always known with a distinct aesthetic then her choice of hairstyles is obviously in the same vicinity. Lady Gaga pulled off the Fringed Bob perfectly, of course, we also can’t miss out on the impressive contribution of the iconic black headgear. MACSARA’s 6 inches I-tip straight hair color #60 is the perfect choice to add volume for your hair in case you want to try out this look.

Mad Hatter

Lady Gaga transformed into a western cowgirl. The combination of a large hat with a choppy layered hairdo makes her look more extraordinary than ever. MACSARA’s 18-24 inches Wig Straight Platinum color will help you to pull out this look without damaging your natural hair.

The Cowgirl Diva

Lady Gaga brought the Cowgirl style from the important events to casual daily life. No-makeup-cowgirl Lady Gaga was beautiful in a particular way. The soft wavy platinum hairstyle brought her a feminine appeal while the fashionable sunglasses make her look more stylish and edgy.


Lady Gaga went out in the Rambo style with a bandana. The layered platinum pixie contributed a very fancy and stylish essence to the appearance.

Meat Fascinator

Who said the hair accessories can only be the sparkling hairpins or colorful flower crowns, etc. With Lady Gaga, those accessories seem too ordinary. Remember when she went out with a meat dress and extremely impressing all the fashionistas around the world? Of course, a meat dress would definitely be more perfect with a meat fascinator on top of the white hair with a hint of turquoise. Such an unforgettable fashion moment!

Cropped Highlights and Peachy Makeup

Become chic and fancy with a short, highlighted hairstyle, with a bit of pretty peach blush and lipstick. Gaga was nearly unrecognizable when she first appeared with this style.

Vampy Glam

This was when she attended the 2014 Paris Haute Couture Week. Lady Gaga looked jaw-droppingly spectacular with dark smoky shadow makeup and a slick side-parted soft wavy hairstyle. The sparkling black hood created an illusion of a mysterious, alluring vampire. Would you die for this enchanting vampire?

Bow Bun

The bow-shaped bun gave a distinct appeal and a bit of perkiness.

That was our round-up some of the impressive appearances of Lady Gaga. Which hairstyles do you like the most? Don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts by leaving the comments on the comment section below! In case you want to diversify your look just like Lady Gaga but don’t want to damage your hair with continuous bleaching, curling, or straightening, don’t forget that MACSARA’s hair extensions are always here and ready to solve that matter for you! Visit our store for more useful information!