Learn Anne Hathaway To Get Your Strands Colored!

As far as a celebrity has their hair color switched-up, Anne Hathaway has never been one too afraid for trying with different shades. Hiding her natural dark brown color, the actress has experimented several coloring works, in the past, she has favored lightened-up dye techniques, in which there were so many memorable flaxen shades: in 2013, in honor of the 2013 Met Gala, she went full-on peroxide blonde color, while earlier last summer, she chose for a subtle burnished golden with some copper highlights. And yet her latest switch-up puts all of that in the past with Hathaway embracing an entirely unexpected new shade: deepest, dramatic crimson – red hair. Are you curious about Anne Hathaway hair color from time to time? How did she pull off different shades? Here MACSARA has rounded up some typical hair colors of Hathaway. Keep reading and you may have an idea to choose new hair color to refresh yourself!

Anne Hathaway red hair 

Anne Hathaway debuted her flame-red hair color for the first time is when she got caught on the streets of New York City on a winter day 2018. If taking about a star who is always willing to give her all to a role (without any complaints), we can’t help but mention Anne Hathaway. The owner of the prestigious Oscar award is famous for throwing herself into the harsh life of post-revolutionary France in the film Les Misérables, or singing at Oscar 2013 while suffering from severe laryngitis. When looking at all these contributions, changing the hair color to transform into a different role seems to be the most gentle (of course still worth recognition). The actress took on a new look: a bright red dye job, for her part in The Last Thing He Wanted, an adaptation of a book by the same name by Joan Didion.

Hathaway was playing Elena McMahon – a Washington Post journalist. She is in the midst of reporting on the 1984 presidential election when she is struggled in a seedy criminal underworld, filled with spies, arms dealers, and a lot of intrigues. Since her character needs to wear disguises in order to do her very illegal things, this red hair was a temporary change.

Even if it is just a change of role, we cannot deny that the actress looks very suitable for this particular hair color. It complements the white skin and highlights the graceful lines on her face, adding to the inherent gentleness and grace.

Anne Hathaway

Here some other pictures of Anne Hathaway in red hair

Anne Hathaway Blonde hair

If red gives Anne Hathaway feminine tenderness but also extremely attractive, then blonde hair helps to bring luxuriousness and elegance. Anne Hathaway has been blonde for several times: back in 2013, she debuted and surprised everyone with a platinum blonde pixie when attending the Met Gala; and last year, the actress went for a blonde shade one more time to serve for her role in a thriller movie called Serenity. Although she doesn’t wear this hair color too often, there is the fact that Hathaway can pull off any hair color and make it so natural that it looks like she was born for that shade, of course, blonde hair is not an exception.

Anne Hathaway Brunette

Ever since the Oscar-winning took her first step into the acting career as the Mia Princess in the Disney comedy The Princess Diaries, the actress has impressed and stunned the whole world with her brunette shade, which is definitely her trademark hair color. Whether it’s light brown or classic dark brown, or add a little highlight, or ombre, or balayage; Anne Hathaway radiates very own beauty. If the full-head brunette brings an innocent and gentle yet appealing beauty, then just a little change by dyeing it ombre, it has considerably enhanced the modern and stylishness, giving a very trendy look but also extremely exquisite and alluring.

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