Macsara’s Luxury I-tip Hair Extensions are designed to deliver stunning length and voluminous locks through a strand-by-strand application. Each strand features a small, cylinder-shaped keratin tip, delicately bonded to your hair using either a heat or non-heat method. With the hot fusion method, the tips are melted using gentle heat while with the cold fusion method, they are gently clamped with micro rings or small copper beads. Renowned for their tiny design and lightweight nature, I-tip hair extensions can not only appear virtually undetectable on your hair but also deliver a comfortable feel.

Distinguished by their exceptional quality, our Luxury I-tip Hair Extensions exceed industry standards. As these extensions are made from the highest-quality human hair material available, they boast thicker and stronger strands, ensuring remarkable durability. They also help you unlock endless color treatment possibilities as they can endure bleaching and dyeing without the worry of tangling or shedding.

Macsara offers Luxury I-tip Hair Extensions in various textures, colors, and lengths to cater to different needs. So don’t hesitate to pick what suits you best and enjoy a stunning hair transformation!

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