Macsarahair – The Biggest Wholesale Hair Factory In Vietnam

The hair industry has been booming over the years, attracting more and more wholesale hair vendors seeking lucrative opportunities. But if you are going to start up your own hair business, how can you secure a good position in such a crowded market? The key lies in finding a reliable wholesale hair factory that can provide you with more necessary things for your business rather than quality products only.

If you find that such a daunting search, look no further! Macsarahair – the biggest wholesale hair factory in Vietnam is where you can place your trust. Let’s discover what makes us confident to make such a statement right now!

macsarahair-Macsarahair-The-Biggest-Wholesale Hair-Factory-In-Vietnam

Introducing The Largest Hair Factory In Vietnam

1.1. Area

Located in Y Yen District, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam, the hometown of Macsarahair’s founder, our hair factory spans an area of approximately 50 square kilometers, making it the biggest hair factory in Vietnam.

1.2. Workforce

Behind the success of Macsarahair is the joint force of more than 1.000 skillful craftsmen and more than 100 office workers led by a visionary Board of Directors. Many of our craftsmen have more than 10 years of experience in hair manufacturing. Taking pride in the job of delivering top-notch Vietnamese hair extensions and wigs to customers all over the world, they work diligently and meticulously in every step.

Macsarahair’s skillful craftsmen

The consistent quality of our hair products can be attributed to our QC (quality control) team, who works day and night to ensure each strand meets strict quality standards. Besides, it is our R&D team that does thorough research to improve existing products and develop new ones to keep up with consumer demand.

1.3. Modern machines

Another thing that makes Macsarahair stand out from other Vietnam hair vendors is our cutting-edge technologies and machines, which facilitate our craftsmen in nearly every stage of the production process, from sorting, cleaning to sewing and weaving hair. This results in much labor and time saved for higher production efficiency.

Macsarahair’s modern machines

Best-selling Product Lines at Macsarahair Wholesale hair factory

Macsarahair provides various types of hair extensions to suit different needs, but in this post, we’ll focus on our 3 most sold product lines that you should not ignore!

2.1. Weft hair extensions

Weft hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extension types in the market. A hair extension weft consists of hair strands sewn together onto a thin strip of fabric or silicone to form a “weft” or a “track”. Due to their construction, these hair extensions are best for adding instant length and volume and are well-known for their durability.

At Macsarahair, you can find many types of weft hair extensions. Machine weft hair extensions are our most long-standing type, but they are limited to wearers with medium to thick hair only. Understanding the needs of customers with thin or fine hair, we have produced revolutionary weft hair extensions that are thinner and more lightweight, including hand-tied weft, Genius weft, flat weft, silky flat weft and feather weft hair extensions.

Macsarahair’s weft hair extensions

2.2. Tape-in hair extensions

At Macsarahair, tape-in hair extensions have always been selling like hot cakes! They are the game changer for those looking for the utmost natural look and comfortable feel.

Our tape-in hair extension collection has various types, such as normal tape, invisible tape, slim tape, mini tape, tape 8cm and long tape hair extensions.

While normal tape hair extensions are already thin and lightweight, making them a suitable choice for those with thin or fine hair, invisible tape and slim tape hair extensions even take those features to the next level! Besides, mini tape, tape 8cm and long tape hair extensions varies in width to suit different needs, whether of a hair enthusiast or a salon owner.

Macsarahair’s tape-in hair extensions

2.3. Bulk hair extensions

Our bulk hair extensions have always been sought-after among wholesale hair vendors due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness. As they come in loose bundles of hair without any form of attachment, they can be used to make any other types of hair extensions. Hair lovers can also apply them directly using several methods, such as crocheting or using keratin. Due to their unique form, bulk hair extensions are more affordable than other hair extension types.

Macsarahair’s bulk hair extensions

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Why should you partner with Macsarahair?

Among various wholesale hair extensions manufacturers, singling out the one that provides you with all the following benefits like Macsarahair can be difficult. Let’s discover why we are the best Vietnamese hair factory!

3.1. Top-notch hair products

The quality of products should always be any hair business’s top priority. Macsarahair is committed to dealing with 100% Remy human hair, which is the best-quality hair in the market. Our hair extensions and wigs are as soft, smooth and shiny as natural hair, so you don’t have to worry about their looking fake! With proper care and maintenance, they can be dyed and styled without tangling or shedding and can last more than 1 year.

Macsarahair’s top-notch hair extensions


3.2. Huge production capacity

We understand that as a hair business owner, you don’t want out-of-stock at all as this can result in lost sales. Therefore, partnering with a wholesale hair factory that can ensure a steady supply of products in large quantities like Macsarahair is the key to success. With our large-scale human hair factory, we are capable of producing up to 5 tonnes of hair extensions per month. We have always kept up with even big orders, ensuring they are delivered to our customers on time.

Macsarahair’s huge production capacity

3.3. OEM & ODM services

Our OEM & ODM services will help any hair business position itself in the crowded hair market. Partnering with Macsarahair, you are free to make custom orders in terms of product types, textures and colors. Therefore, you will be able to provide thousands of products to suit every customer’s needs, which is such a competitive advantage! Besides, you can also have customized logos, tags and packages for your own brand.

3.4. Factory prices

By working with Macsarahair – a wholesale virgin hair factory, you are holding the key to profit maximization. We provide our customers with factory prices so you don’t need to waste on middleman costs. Moreover, we have frequent promotion programs and a wholesale pricing strategy that is beneficial for you. To put it short, the bigger orders you make, the better prices you’ll get!

3.5. Safe and convenient shipping and payment methods

When doing business online, are scams your biggest concern? Understanding that, we work with reliable shipping and payment services, such as MoneyGram, Mastercard, Paypal, UPS, DHL and FedEx… to ensure your order gets to you safe and sound!

Macsarahair’s safe and convenient shipping and payment methods

As a Vietnam hair factory with more than 15 years of experience in the hair industry, Macsarahair has been exporting tonnes of hair extensions to wholesalers and salons all over the world, which is a testament to our reliability.

3.6. Best customer service

All of the above points will mean nothing if you receive terrible customer service, right? This doesn’t have to be a cause for concern with Macsarahair, as customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our customer policies are transparent and our customer service staff are ready 24/7 to give you unwavering support, be it pre-sales or after-sales. Should you have any problem with our service, we always listen to you actively to make improvements.

For more details, don’t hesitate to contact us at (+84) 37 9989 559. Let’s start our partnership today and conquer new heights together!

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